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Yosuga no Sora Sora Kasugano -China Dress Style- 1/7 Complete Figure

Product Specifications

Painted Finished Product
【Size】Approximately 240mm
【Material】PVC, ABS


Prototype: Sai
Painting: Tetsumori Shichihou

*AmiAmi Limited Edition
From the popular PC game “Yosuga no Sora,” Kasugano Sora makes her appearance in a mini cheongsam dress based on the illustration by Takashi Hashimoto.
Her delicate and fragile visual style characteristic of her is faithfully recreated with a delicate and soft touch.
The white cheongsam, along with the chic monochrome color scheme, is beautifully reproduced with a light and elegant paint finish.
The intricate pattern on the dress enhances the density of the figure.
Her long hair, reaching down to her knees, is crafted using clear material, showcasing a sharp finish.
The gently flowing lines of her hair, along with the subtle gradient painting at the tips, create a beautiful atmospheric effect around the figure.


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