• Let's go Matsuri!

    Let's go matsuri!

    Matsuri is summer festival in Japanese! There is many matsuri going on in Japan! Summer fes, Fire wors fes, Snow fes, Sakura fes, Many Maturis! Let's go with your important person! It will be very fun time!

  • Big3


    There is festival called BIg 3 in Japan. The bg 3 is basically TOP 3 matsuri in Japan. These 3 has long history plus, it is massive. Many peope attend every yaer and wellknown among Japanese people.
    Kanda matsuri (Tokyo) Tenjin matsuri (Osaka) Gion matsuri (Kyoto)

  • Summer festival

    Summer festival

    There is many kind of summer festival in Japan. And one of the most famous is fire works festival! And at sumemr festival, you can eat and can have a fun lot fo thing!

  • Fire works festival

    Fire works festival

    Actually in Japan, fire works festival and summer festival is different festival. For fire works festival focus more to fire works but summer festival focus more to historical stuff like mikoshi. So both has very good poit! Just go both! And there is top 3 big fire works festival! which is.... Zenkoku hanabi kyougi taikai (Akita) Cuchiura zenkou hanabi taikai (Ibaraki) Nagaoka matsuri ohanabi taikai (Nigata))

  • Seasonally Event

    Seasonally Event

    Summer festival and fire works are usually held during summer. Alought, there is many other event held in other season too. Like in spring there is Sakura fes and in winter, there is snow fes. So, you can attend to traditional event every season!


Best With summer break!

Kyoto (Big3)

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Aomori 4th

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Best Festival!

Let's go!!

Hita gion matsuri

One of the biggest summer festival in Oita prefectufre at end of July!

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Akita kanto matsuri

This is also one of the most popular and biggest summer festival in Akita prefecture at every beginning of august!

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Tokushima awa odori fes

This is also one of the most popular matsuri in Japan. Held in Tokushima prefecture at middle of August!!

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Hakata gion matsuri yamakasa

This is also very popular matsuri in Fukuoka at every beginning of July and has more than 700 years of history.

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Chichibu yomatsuri

One of the most gorgeous festival in Japan. Held in Saitama prefecture at beginning of December!

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The biggest fire works festival

Top 3

Zenkoku hanabi kyougi taikai

Held in Akita prefecture at end of August. One of the biggest fire works festival! You have to go!

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Cuchiura zenkoku hanabi kyougi taikai

Held in Ibaraki prefecture at beginning of october every year! this is also massive!

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Nagaoka matsuri ohanabi taikai

One of the biggest fire works festival in Japan. It is massive and more than million people gather. Held in Nigata prefecture at beginning of august every year!

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