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  • Anime Events

    Anime events in Japan 2023. All the part of Japan`s anime events info are here. Plus summer festivals schedules as well.
    There is many events going on all over Japan.
    Best Anime Events

    You can check alll the events you must go from here!! If you are not sure which one you want to go, just chek this page! (©TYPE-MOON)

    Event calender

    Anime events in Japan 2023. All the part of Japan`s anime events schedules are here. The anime event calendar also has summer festival schedules as well.

    About Doujinshi

    Before you coming to Japan, you must know about dojinshi! It will be best souvenir for you ! So check this page before you go!

    Things You should know!

    On this page, we have written all the information you must check before going to Japan. (©2022 鴨志田 一/KADOKAWA/青ブタ Project)

  • TOP4 Anime Events

    If you do not know anything about anime event, just go one of these events! It is the most amaizng 4 anime events in Japan and super famous!!
    Comic Market

    The biggest and most wellknown anime event in Japan. So many people come every year and held every twice a year in Tokyo.

    Anime Japan

    The biggest anime only event in Japan. Many stage event and you can see voice actors! Also many cosplay too!


    The biggest anime song live concert in Japan. If you like anime, you must go! Held in Tokyo every summer! (© Animelo Summer Live 2022)

    World Cosplay Summit

    The biggest cosplay event in Japan! If you like to see or to do cosplay, you must go! It is one of the best event in Japan! (© Yostar, Inc. )

  • Anime Shops & Places

    Also do not forget about anime places and location! There is many anime loactions and shops in Japan! If you love anime you must go those as well!
    Best Anime locations

    Many anime locations exist in Japan! Watching anime can make you feel familiar with these places. Check out this page for more information!

    Anime Shops

    This page will tell you the place where you can buy anime related stuff. Like the popular anime shops. (© COGNOSPHERE)


    If you do not konw anything about anime shops in Japan, just go animate!! Animate are lcoated in every prefecture in Japan. And most biggest shop in Japan!

    Melon Books

    Second biggest in Japan after animate! This shop mostly sell Dojinshi so if you are interested in those, you must go!

  • TCG, H and Horror Games

    Also in Japan there is many games which you must buy and play! Especially H games! So I put my best H games here must check!
    Best TCG shop

    You must check this page if you are interested in TCG! Pokemon, One Piece and so on! (©ギルティクラウン製作委員会)

    Where to buy H games

    This page will let you know the best way to buy the H games! If you like these you should check! (©sprite)

    Best H games!

    This page are Introducing are the best H games! If you are thinking to buy one of those check here! All the games introduced here is the best!!! (©PROJECT W.A.2)

    Best Horror

    In this page I will let you know the best Horror games from Japan! Author of this page actually like horror too! So hope you guys can like it! (©kouri )

  • Anime Cities

    There is some cities known as anime city like Akihabara. And there is many anime shops. So I made easy anime shop ranking page. If you have chance to go these cities, check this page! These 4 cities are the best for anime shops!

    The best city for Otaku! So many Anime shops and H shops in Akihabara ! If you are coming to Japan, You must check this page!

    Osaka Anime Town

    There is also city like Akihabara in Osaka as well! If you are not going toTokyo but going to Osaka, you must go!


    Ikebukuro is also really great place for Otaku especuially for ladies! There is many BL and Otome shops located in Ikebukuro! (© 荻pote)


    Shibuya is also one of the best anime place in Japan! There is many anime shops plus, there is nintendo store as well! It is lcoated only in Shibuya so you must go! (© Nintendo)

  • Transportations & Languages

    Japan's transport network is too complex in the cities and underdeveloped in the countryside. Also, regarding language, there is less or no support for multi language. Below you will find information about transport in Japan and some Japanese words you can use when you are in trouble.

    This page will let you know the best way to reserve trains shinkansens and other stuff! You must check before you go Japan! (©Spider Lily/アニプレックス・ABCアニメーション・BS11)

    Trains & Shinkansen

    This page gives detailed information on the Japanese train and Shinkansen (Bullet Train) system, how to get tickets and more.

    Bus, Taxi, Airplane

    This page tells you some important things to know about planes, buses and taxis in Japan.


    Not many people in Japan speak English to begin with. This page teaches you the Japanese you can use when English or other languages do not work. (©遠藤達哉/集英社・SPY×FAMILY製作委員会)


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Our Advices!!!

There is many places you shuold go in Japan!!!
But the time is limited so we will give you guys some advices here!!!