About Us


We operate under the motto of "Sharing Japanese Anime & Game with the World."

Personally, anime has been a source of support throughout my life. It helped me get through tough times during my student years, making my life enjoyable. On the other hand, not many people outside Japan can experience such an otaku lifestyle.

Tickets for Anime, Game events and similar activities cannot be purchased from overseas, and the information available is mostly in Japanese. Therefore, we decided to utilize our English skills developed through living abroad, learned coding independently, and launched this website.

Hope all the anime lovers can gather here!!!

Meet the TeamWe are Anime lovers from world live in Japan!

Kota Kamiya


Jenvasu Chaiyawat

Lead Developer

Hiroto Kobayashi

UX & UI Designer
SNS Marketer

Heesoo Yoon

Anime & Game Director