• Let's see Architectures!

    Let's see Architectures!

    There is many cool Architectures in Japan. One of the popular Architectures are Tokyo tower. So if you have time in Japan, You should see some cool modern Architectures!

  • Tall and Huge

    Tall and Huge

    The popular Architectures are mostly tall and big. Or very unique shape. It will be really good for you guys to see it! Let's make our memories cool!

  • Unique


    There is many unique Architectures in Japan. Especially, train stations. If you are using trains in Japan, you should see it carefully!

  • Let's have fun!

    Let's have fun!

    There is many place to see in Japan. To be honest, maybe it is better to see some shrines and anime stuff, but also some Architectures are very cool as well. It is fine if you can not go but you can see it and take photo. Because it is huge!!!!

Best Architectures!

Architectures TOP5!

Tokyo sky tree

Most wellknown and tallest tower in Japan

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Tokyo Tower

Used to be tallest tower in Japan! nice and red!

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Abeno Harukasu

Tallest building in Japan. Located in Osaka. There is artmusum and gardens in this building. gardens are free.

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Minatomirai (Yokohama Landmark Tower)

Second tallest building in Japan. Loated in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. Very beatiful in Night.

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Tokorozawa sakura town

Tokorozawa Sakura Town is a pop cultural attraction complex in Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan which opened in the fall of 2020. the Kadokawa Culture Center, the Da Vinci store, the EJ Anime hotel, Japan Pavilion, and the Musashino Reiwa Shrine are in this town. If you like anime manga, You have to go!

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Very unique and cool stations!

Tokyo station

One of the biggest and oldest station in Japan!

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Kanazawa station

Very cool and unique station. Located in Kanazawa Isikawa prefecture.

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Shimonada station

One of the most famous and beatiful train station in Japan. Located in ehime prefecture.

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Arashiyama station

Very unique and beatiful station. Come here while wherering KIMONO! Located in kyoto.

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Chiwata station

You can see beatiful ocean. Located in Nagasaki prefecture. You should go if you going to Nagasaki!

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Hitachi station

Also very beatiful. If you have chance just go! close from Tokyo. Located in Ibaraki prefecture!

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Kamakura kokomae Station

Locatd in kamakura city kanagawa prefecture. You know this staion if you watch slumdank or bunny girl senpai.

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Nishi Oyama station

Southest station in Japan. very country side and beatiful staion. In summer you can see full of sun flowers! Winter is full of na no flower!!!

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Todoroki Station

Locatd in Aomori prefecture. very country side. there is nothing around this station. Just beatiful with ocean.

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Kita Funaoka Station

This station is also located very near by ocean. Nothing around but very beatiful. Located in Hokkaido.

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