• Let's Go museum!

    Let's Go museum!

    There is many great museums in Japan. You can see some very traditional arts and statues! Let's explore Japan's history with art!

  • Art Museum

    Art Museum

    There is many great art in Japan. Samurai, ninja, Japan's beatiful and so on. Even if you are not intrested in Art, You should at least see something!

  • Gardens


    Japanese traditional gardens are very beatiful as well. Especially like Bonsai!

  • World War


    Japan has very sad history which is world war 2. There is museums about war. NO war guys.

  • See history!

    See history!

    There is many place to see in Japan. But museums are really good place to go to see histories! If you have time you may go there!!

Best Museum!

Museum TOP5!

National art center Tokyo

Most wellknown and biggest museum in Japan

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

No war

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Toyota Commemorative Museum

One of the most famous museum in Japan. Located in Aichi

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Tokyo national museum

One of the biggest and wellknown museum in Japan

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Railway Museum

One of the most famous museum in Japan! All about trains! Located in Saitama.

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Great other museum!

Not famoust as above but also super good!

Adachi Museum of Art

Very popular and beatiful Japanese gardens! Located in Simane prefecture

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Ramen museum & cup noddle muesum

Very nice ramens!! Located in Yokohama! & cup noodle musuem is located in Yokohama!

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Tsukuba space center & Tanegashima space center.

Both are about space!! very good! Tsukuba space center is located in Ibaraki prefecture and Tanegashima space center is locted in Tanegashima! Which is near kagoshima prefecture and this island is where we raunch rocket!

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Nagasaki Peace Park

One of the wellknown museum in Japan. Located in Nagasaki prefecture. NO war.

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Chiran Peace Museum for Kamikaze Pilots

No war. Located Kagoshima prefecture.

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Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

Old Japanese buildings!

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