• History


    Japan has long and unique history. One of most famous and unique history is that we have shirine and religion called shinto. The religion shinto is very unique. They allow us to believe other god as well. So basically from what shinto idea, even if you are shinto, you can also be like cristian or buddhist as well.



    There is many shirne which is UNESCO. Alought most of the shirne is in Kyoto and around Kyoto. If you want see shrines and other historical things in Japan, just go Kyoto. Kyoto is very cool and unique which you can not see in any other place. These are the list which is UNESCO.
    Kyoto Shrines Nikko tosho gu Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine Itsukushima shrine

  • Shrines Temples Castle

    Shrines Temples Castles

    Shrine is very popular among the tourists but also there is many temple which is very famous too. Like the one in Kyoto called kiyomizu dera is one of the most well known temple in Japan. Shrine is made for gods like amaterasu and temple is made for Buddha. Also Castle is very cool to see in Japan!

  • Others


    There is many other historical place other than srines and temples. LIke cstle and old style houses. These are still exsist in Japan. And some of them are UNESCO as well. If you want see those kind of historial things you have to go!
    Himeji Castle Sirakawa go Atomic Bomb Dome

  • Let's see history

    Let's see history

    In Japan, there is many historical place. Ninja, Samurai, castle, shrine, temple... There is many famous Japanese historical things. If you are planninng to coming to Japan, You have to see these kind of historical things!!!

Historical Prefectures

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Best Shrine & Temple

Explore history

Itsukushima shrine

One of the most famous shines in Japan and world. Located in Hiroshima

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Izumo taisya

Izumo taisya is one of the most ancient and important Shinto shrines in Japan. Located in Shimane and this srine was shown in Anime called noragami.

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Dazaifu tenmangu

One of the most well known shrine in Japan. Around 10 million people come to this shrine every year. Located in Fukuoka prefecture.

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Ise grand shrine

One of the most important shirne in Japan. Made for goddes amaterasu. This srine is the head of all of the shrines in Japan. Located in Mie prefecture.

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In kamakura, there is very popular Great buddha and also very famous and huge shrine as well. Kamakura city is in Kanagawa prefecture next Tokyo so easy to go!

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Other Shrines in Kyushu Area

These srines are also super famous

Usa shrine

The head of hachiman srine. There is around 40000 hachiman srine in Japan. And this is the head! It is locatd in Oita prefecture.

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Takachiho shrine

This srine is also one of the most famous shrine in Japan. It is loated in middle of mountain Miyazaki prefecture.

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Kirishima Shrine

This srine is also one of the most well known srine in Japan. They have huge sacred tree in midlle of shrine and located in Kagoshima prefecture.

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Udo jingu

One of the most beautiful sinre in Japan. Locted just next to ocean. It is in Miyazaki prefecture.

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Yūtoku Inari Shrine

One of the most beautiful Inari shine in Japan. Located in Saga prefecture.

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Other Shrines in Chugoku shikoku Area

These srines are also super famous

Kotohira gu

One of the famoust srine in Japan. Located in Shikoku area Kagawa prefecture. If you going shikoku, You have to go here too!

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Motosumino shrine

One of the most beatiful sinre in Japan. Locted just next ocean. Very beatiful and it is in Yamaguchi prefecture!

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Other Shrines in Kansai, Chubu Area

These srines are also super famous

Ikuta shrine

This srine is a Shinto shrine in the hyougo prefecture, and is possibly among the oldest shrines in the country.

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Futami Okitama Shrine

This shrine is also located near ocean so very beatiful. This srine is really good for love! Located in Mie prefetcure.

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Atsuta Shrine

This srine is one of the hihest srine like ise jingu. Located in Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture. This shrine is also very popular.

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Fuji Asama Shrine

This shrine is actually number 1 well known shrine all over the world. From this shrine, you can also see Sakura and Mount Fuji. Located in Sizuoka prefecture.

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Best castle

Great castle TOP5!

Matsumoto castle

One of the most popualr castle in Japan. Locted in Nagano prefecture.

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Himeji castle

Very popular castle. Located in Hyogo prefecture. very beatiful with sakura. UNESCO

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Syuri castle

located in Okinawa isaland this castle is very differ from other castle in Japan. You should go!

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Kumamoto castle

One of the most wellknown castle in Japan. It is located in Kumamoto prefecture.

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Hirosaki castle

If you planning to coming to Japan at spring, this is the best castle you should visit. very very beatiful with sakura. Located in Aomori prefecture.

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Best Other historical place!

Great Other historical TOP5!

Shirakawa Go

One of the most famous historical place in Japan. Located in Gifu prefecture. UNESCO

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Gunkanjima island

One of the faomus island located near Nagasaki prefecture. While the island is a symbol of the rapid industrialization of Japan, it is also a reminder of Japanese war crimes as a site of forced labour prior to and during World War II UNESCO

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Atomic Bomb Dome

One of the saddest place in Japan. Located in Hiroshima. NO WAR UNESCO

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Chuson ji

One of the most famous temple in Japan. Located in Iwate prefecture. UNESCO

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Senso ji

One of the most famous and popular temple in Japan. Located in Asakusa ueno, Tokyo.

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