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December 28th, 2021

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Hello guys!!!!

This is animemaps!!! Last December we went to Hita in a rented car! Surrounded by Mount Aso, Hita City is the birthplace of the creator of the world-famous manga, Attack on titan.

Once we arrived in Hita City, our first stop was the Attack on titan Museum! The museum is attached to a roadside station, and at the roadside station's shop you can buy original goods of Attack on titan! Location information will be noted at the end of this blog!

Message from the parties concerned with Attack on titan

Drawing of Attack on titan comic volume 25

At the Attack on titan Museum, you can see original drawings and illustrations of the actual manga written by the author, Isayama Sensei! In addition, the museum has a desk that Isayama-sensei actually used when writing the manga, where you can sit down and take photos, etc.! And there are also other exhibits like figurines and nebuta, which are pretty hot!

After leaving the Attack on titan Museum and finishing lunch, we headed to the Oyama Dam, where there are bronze statues of Eren, Armin and Mikasa! The statues represent the memorable scene in the first volume of the original story, when the Colossal Titan peeks out of the wall! Also, the dam was so big that, combined with the presence of Eren and the others, it looked as if the Colossal Titan really did come out and break it right now!

After visiting the dam we headed to Yufuin, famous for its hot springs. More about Yufuin sometime in the future... Well, see you again in a different blog!

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