• Let's go Anime Event!

    Let's go Anime Event!

    Anime exhibition, Anime song concert, Anime art museum, Comic Market, Anivasary... etc. there is many anime evnt going on in Japan every year!! There is an event calender in our webs sites you must check and do not miss!!
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  • Big Anime Event

    Big Anime Event

    There is actually many kinds of anime event going on and the most popular among anime fun is big anime event such as comic market, Animejapan, Anime contents Expo. Tokyo game show, kyoto international manga anime fes. These event are usally vast amount of anime companty or game company gater one place and sell limited products.

  • Anivasary, exhibition!

    Anivasary, exhibition!

    Anivasaries and exhibition often held in Japan compare to big anime event. And biggest diffarence is that anivasaries and exhibitions are held with just 1 or 2 specific anime or game. Alought big anime event held with alot of anime. But these exhibitions are focus more deeply to such anime so if your favorite anime or game having event you must go!

  • Anime song live concert

    Anime song live concert

    Also one more event which you should not forgot is live concert!! Lovelive!, Lisa, Aimer, Hiroyuki Sawano, Rie Takahashi... Many popular singer and voice acotor, actress has own live concert. If your favorite singer having live concert, Than you MUST go!!

  • Vocaloid, Vtuber event

    Vocaloid, Vtuber event

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    Do not forget vocaloid and vtubers event too!!! They also have event for these too! magical mirai is the most famous hatsune miku live concert event in Japan!! Also hololive and nijisanji also does have big event in tokyo too! you need to check carefully and do not miss!!!!

Biggest Anime, live concert, vocaloid, game and Vtuber event.

A lot of event in Winter

Comic Market

The biggest anime Event in Japan. Held every year end of december and middle of august at Tokyo.

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Anime song melody summer

The biggest anime song live event. Lisa, Aimer, SawanoHiroyuki, Many famoust singer join and sing. Held end of augost at Tokyo.

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Magical Mirai

Biggest Vocaloid event in Japan. Held every beginning Augusut and september. In Tokyo and Osaka

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Vtuber fes & niconico cho kaigi

Biggest vtuber event in Japan. Held in Tokyo every end of April. niconico chokaigi also happen at same place at same time. Both are same ticket. niconico is biggest internet event. Vtuber, Vocaloid, Anime game, Popular thing in internet gather here.

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Tokyo Game show

Biggest Game event in Japan. All the game company gather here and show, sell products. Held in end of september at Tokyo.

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