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  • In Japan, we are using Japanese. And sadly Japanese are not really good at English. Actually most of the people in Japan can not understand English at all. So this page will teach you some basic Japanese to make your trip in Japan easier. Let's gooo

  • Also, knowing emergency nuumber is very important. To call police it will be 110. To call fire trucks or ambulance, the number will be 119. Just to make sure you know this! This is very important!

Japan with

In Japan, we are using langeage called Japanese. And to be honest, people in Japan are really bad at speaking in English. Especially in country side, people doesn't know any English at all. So if you know some basic Japanese, it will help your trip in Japan. In this page I will teach you some basic Japanese ne!

Important stuff!

  1. Too call Police number = 110
  2. Too call ambulance or fire truck number = 119
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