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  • Train is most common and useful tarnsporation in Japan. You can go anywhere in Japan by using just trains. The rails will bring you Hokkaido to Kyushu. So if you know how to use train in Japan, then you will never have problem with going anywhere. And there is shinkansen as well. Shinkansen is very expensive but much much faster than trains. You can use shinkansen instead of using airplane. Shinkansen takes longer than airplane but much much convenient. Plus, between Tokyo-Osaka takes around the same time.

  • BEST transportation in Japan. You will use trains many times. Also especially in Tokyo train come exact on time and there is many trains so you do not need to wiat a long time. You might have problem paying money. To avoide this, Get IC card!! I wil explain about IC card in this page. And also you might have trouble finding train you want use. I will also explain how to find right train in this page.

  • Very useful and much faster transportaion. It is also very expensive. It is even more expensive than airplanes. Alought you just need to go train station and you will never have security check and stuff like that. So much much convenient compare to airplane. I highly recomand you to use shinkansen if its not super far. Like Tokyo to Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima.

  • There is IC card in Japan which you can use it for bus, train, taxi, every single transportation in Japan. If you get one, you can use it all over Japan. And IC card looks diff from each area of Japan. Good for your gift from Japan! It will cost 500 yen to make at first but when you leave Japan, you can give your IC card back at train station. If you do, you will get 500 yen back. Just get it!! It will makes your trip in Japan much nicer! Let's enjoy Japan!!!

Japan with

In Japan, using train is very useful. You can go anywhere you want by just using trains. Although maybe it is difficult for some people who never use train before in Japan. At this page I will teach you to use shinkansen and trains. Plus, we will give you some good points to make your transportaion fee cheaper.

Get 1 day or week pass!

First of all, you should get Japan rail way pass (JR Pass). If you get it you can use train as much as you want for free! This Japan rail way pass is for only foreign tourists. Japanese people can not buy it! You should get it! You can get it from here. Buy ticket! But please be careful! In Japan, there is many train company, you can not go all the place by just using Japan rail way pass! Like in Osaka Hankyu, Hanshin train is more useful than Japan rail way. Although, Japan rail way INC is the biggest company so you can go almost everywhere by just using Japan rail way pass. Just to make sure which train company you need to use to go to the place where you want go. Use this websites to find the train you need to use! Vist site From our opinion, Just getting Japan rail way pass is enough. And if you going osaka get Hanshin Hankyu 1 day pass. This will be more than enough for tourists. These 1 day or 1 week pass are not cheap. So getting many ticket is not worth. Just try to use JR (Japan rail way) as much as possible. If you need to use other train company just get normal ticket or get IC card and charge it.

Get IC card!

IC cards are very convenient in Japan. If you get it you can use it all over the Japan. How the IC cards look are difference depend on area like the picture above, although you can use it all over the place in Japan including bus, taxi, and some other store like convenience store. So if you get your IC card from Osaka, you still can use it at Tokyo too! To get it, you need to pay 500 yen at first but if you give back to train station before you leave Japan, you can get 500yen back. And if you pay your train fee by IC card instead of buying ticket, you will get around 1% discount. So geeting Ic card insted of train ticket is better to your wallet as well!
You can get IC card at ticket counter at train station. Although at big station like Tokyo, there is 2 types of ticket counter. Please check the images. One is for Shinkansen, and other one is train. You can only buy IC card from normal train ticket counter. Looks very similar between Shinkansen and train ticket counter. The difference is Shinkansen ticket counter and on top of the machine will said "reserve the seats" which normal train can not. So if you try to buy train ticket or IC card and if its says resarve seats that means it is Shinkansen ticket counter so you need to find another machine. Mostly Shinkansen and train ticket machine is located next each other. But, best solution is to ask someone who works at station!
Please look at the 1st image above. This is the image of normal train ticket counter zoom in. 1 is to buy train ticket, 2 is to buy monthly or yearly train tricket. 3 is to charge your IC card and 4 is to buy new IC card. So if you decided to get your Train IC card from ticket machine, you need to find some thing looks like this and press 4! Mostly have english too! So no worrys! If you still have some worry then you can find somnthing like 2nd images. Just go and ask there! they will teach you and give you IC card! Also you can get Shinkansen ticket here as well. As you can see from images above it will say ticket office. And after you get IC card, you just need to touch into card reader at the gate! ( See 3rd image)

Get on the trains!

Seems complicated to use train in Japan but if you get used it it is really easy! At this section, I will teach you how to use trains! First of all, if you have IC card, just touch on to card reader at the gate and find train but if you wanted to buy train ticket, then you need to buy the ticket from ticket counter!
If you go to ticket machine, you will see something like images above. And then you need to press number 1. If you press number 1, it will show you the cost of ticket and just buy the ticket you need. If you do not know how much it will going to cost, we recommend you to use this site! Visite site. You can use it in both computer and smartphone! very convenient!

Get on the shinkansen!

You can get Shikansen ticket from the Shinkansen ticket machine, or from the ticket office. I highly recommend you to go to the ticket office to get ticket! And again if you what to get ticket from ticket machine, just to make sure that you are using Shinkansen ticket machine. They are locating next each other so easy to make mistake. If the front page of machine said reserve seats, then thats Shinkansen ticket machine. If the top of machine said train ticket thats for normal ticket.

How to read in station

In Japan, there is many kinds of trains just to make sure you are in the right trafic!
First, look at first picture. You will see this at entrance of the staton and for ①, It's says S,Rapid, Rapid, and local right. As you can see from this in Japan, there is many kinds of trains will stop at same platform. So you need to make sure that which train you are using! All the same price so it is better to use express however, express will skip a lot of station so make sure that you ride on the right train!

・Local (Stop all the stations)
・Rapid (Skip some stations)
・Sub, Semi express (Skip more station then rapid train)
・Express (Stop at even fewer stations than rapid trains)
・Commuters limited express (Stop at even fewer stations than express trains)
・Limited express, Special rapid (stop only at major stations)

Second Please look at ②. That is the final distination of the train coming. ③ is the platform number. You need to go the right number platfrom. Finding right platform is easy. They will show the platform nuumber with arrown at entrance of station as well. Like the second picture!


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