Art Jeuness at Oita

Exhibition and sale of prints by famous illustrators.

Written in November 16th, 2022

Hello Guys!!

This is Anime maps!!! We went Art Jeuness to see many sensei’s drawing!! Before going through what we saw and bought it there, We would like to introduce what is Art Jeuness and all the shops and events associated with it!

Goods sold at Art Jeuness!!!
What we can saw at Art Jeuness!!

What is Art Jeuness?

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Art Jeuness is hosting an event to sell prints of illustrations by illustrators of anime, games, manga, Vtubers and more! Prints are expensive, but the quality is very high! We can't post photos of the prints as we weren't allowed to photograph them, but the prints by Tinkle sensei this time in particular are made using a special process that gives the prints depth, and when exposed to light, the depth is emphasised even more and they look beautiful! And it's not just prints, the illustrator's goods are also on sale!

Of these, the Kamie Festival is a particularly popular event, with many illustrators like misaki kurehito sensei (illustrator of How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend), Tinkle sensei (illustrator of Ro-Kyu-Bu!), Kantoku sensei (illustrator of Hentai Prince and the stony cat) and more illustrators are taking part, and lots of limited edition goodies on sale! For more information, click here to see

What we bought in Art Jeuness!!

Printings are super high quality and attractive, but for us, it was not affordable...Therefore we bought affordable goods from Kantoku sensei and Necomi sensei’s goods! In the future, we are going to buy printings of them and decorate in the office of Anime maps!!!! Anyway, here's what we got!!

Thank you for reading this far guys!!!! About Art Jeuness events, it will be held at irregular dates and places. We will check and post in Events carrendar but, If you want to get information more faster than us, please click here to get information!! (Japanese Only)