4월 23 2024 - 5월 06 2024


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(3) 간토 지방,
(4) 주부 지방,
(5) 긴키 지방,
(8) 규슈, 오키나와

Pokepiece Pop-up Store in Loft April 23, 2024

A pop-up store for “Pokémon,” the beloved hit franchise adored worldwide, featuring the Pokémon and humans gathering at the share house “Poképeace,” will be held at Loft Ikebukuro, Loft Yokohama, Loft Sakae, Loft Kyoto, Loft Umeda, and Loft Tenjin from April 23rd to May 6th, 2024.

At the “Poképeace” pop-up store, adorable new products with sweet designs inspired by the cute sweets shop theme of Poképeace will be available for pre-sale, perfect for Pokémon like Swirlix!

Moreover, for every purchase of related merchandise priced at 2,200 yen (tax included) or more, customers will receive one random “Sticker (6 types)” as a bonus!


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Event Overview:

Official Website:


  • Tokyo: Loft Ikebukuro
  • Kanagawa: Loft Yokohama
  • Aichi: Loft Sakae
  • Kyoto: Loft Kyoto
  • Osaka: Loft Umeda
  • Fukuoka: Loft Tenjin
  • Event Period: April 23rd, 2024 to May 6th, 2024





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