Imperial Palace

Tokyo Station

Hama-rikyū Gardens


神奈川 / Kanagawa Kanagawa 東京 / Tokyo Tokyo 千葉 / Chiba Chiba 埼玉 / Saitama Saitama 群馬 / Gunma Gunma 栃木 / Tochigi Tochigi 茨城 / Ibaraki Ibaraki

Ginza TOP 14

1 KabukizaGreat place to see Kabuki!
2 Imperial PalaceIt is like huge Park in middle of Tokyo
3 Hamarikyu GardensVery beautiful Japanese garden
4 Tokyo StationVery beautiful station
5 Muji Ginza with CafeMany Cute pens and other stuff!
6 Ginza SIX & Other departmentMassive department
7 Tokyo International ForumMany event going on here! Check schedules!
8 Ginza Ito yaBest place to buy stationary in Japan!
9 Hibiya ParkOne of the most famous Park in Japan
10 Ginza Washita ShopThis is one of the few place where You can buy Umi Budo here!
11 Tsukiji Hongan-jiOne of the most famous temple in Japan
12 Tsukiji fish marketYou can eat alot of stuff here!!
13 Ginaza TSUTAYAHuge book store with cafe
14 Many Great Place to eat foodLet's eat Sushi

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