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Hitachi Seaside Park best time to see 2024

Hitachi Seaside Park: A Floral Wonderland in Every Season (Hitachi sea side rail way is also great!!!)

Hitachi Seaside Park is a sprawling national park surrounded by flowers and greenery. With an expansive area of approximately 215 hectares, the park is divided into seven zones, each offering leisure spots and flower fields to enjoy amidst nature. Spring showcases flowers like narcissus, tulips, and nemophila. In summer, roses, zinnias, and sunflowers take the spotlight. As autumn arrives, the park transforms with kochia and cosmos, providing a visual delight for visitors.


Use sea side rail way to go to this park! Amazing view!



Nemophila and Kochia: Seasonal Wonders

Among the various flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park, nemophila in spring and kochia in autumn are must-see attractions. The sight of approximately 5.3 million blue nemophila covering the entire “Miharashi Hill” is like stepping into a fantasy world. In autumn, fluffy kochia turns the landscape into a vibrant red canvas, creating a stunning contrast.


Cycling, Events, and Fun Galore!

For those who enjoy cycling, the park offers well-maintained cycling courses, allowing visitors to explore the vast grounds on two wheels. Additionally, there’s a BMX course, a forest athletic square, a barbecue area, and a diverse range of attractions in the amusement park called “Pleasure Garden.” With events held throughout the year, including cycling events and festivals, Hitachi Seaside Park promises fun and excitement for every visit.





Event Overview

SUISUN (Lent Lily) Late March to Mid-April A vibrant spring flower relay featuring approximately 500 varieties and 1 million SUISUN flowers. The soft sunlight filtering through creates a carpet of white and yellow SUISUN, forming a fantastical world.

TULIP Mid-April to Late April The cute and colorful world of tulips adorns the forest like eggs. About 230 varieties and 260,000 tulips bloom, creating a fairytale world alongside windmills and egg-shaped sculptures.

NEMOPHILA Mid-April to Early May Approximately 5.3 million NEMOPHILA blanket the “Miharashi Hill” in a sea of blue. The panorama of sky, sea, and hill merging into one is breathtaking.

Summer Fair: Mid-July to Late August Fluffy, round kochia leaves, vividly colored zinnias, and energetic sunflowers paint the summer. Various experiential events and a water play area are popular during the summer vacation. Enjoy the performances and play to your heart’s content in the hot summer.

Autumn: Kokia Light-Up Early to Late September The spotlight is on green kochia leaves illuminated by colorful LED lights and lively music, creating various stories. This nighttime opening is limited to specific areas.

Autumn: Come, See, Touch Kochia Carnival Early to Late October Around 33,000 kochia start turning red in early October, completely coloring “Miharashi Hill” in crimson by mid-October. At the foot of the hill, various autumn colors such as cosmos and buckwheat change daily. Throughout the period, enjoy various events and gourmet offerings celebrating autumn in art, sports, and appetizing delights. Come and experience the autumn hues in the park.


Location: 605-4, Aza-Onuma, Mawata, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki 312-0012


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