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In this page we will let you know the place you should go in Fukushima prefecture if you like anime.

Maps of Place I introduce in this Page

Anime Shops

There is 2 Anime shops in Fukushima Prefecture! If you vist Fukushima, you should go!

Engaged To The Unidentified

In Engaged To The Unidentified, Fukushima prefecture is this anime's location. Detail location is Fukushima prefecture's koriyama city. !!

Some important notes:
1. Koriyama City serves as the transportation hub of Fukushima Prefecture, with roads and railway lines extending from east to west to north..

Fukushima × Engaged To The Unidentified Koriyama station

Sakebuta Park

Fukushima Asaka High School

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

In Fukushima prefecture, there is also Kimetsu no Yaiba place. That place is located on Aizuwakamatsu city, ryokan
1. Acually, this Japanese style ryokan is not based on the anime officially. Anime's place is really similar with this ryokan. So please know about this place is not a official one.
2. That similar place of anime name is Mugenjyo, Infinity castle

Fukushima with Demon Slayer

Comic girls

In this anime's back ground is on the many place of Japan, but in this part i will introduce to you the place of Fukushima!!

Some important notes:
1. Most of anime place is located on Shirakawa city

Fukushima × Comic Girls Around Shirakawa City

Other Anime

Welcome to Michinoku Comitia website. Michinoku Comitia is a creative magazine sales event (original only event) held in Michinoku Tohoku. It is scheduled to be held twice a year in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, once a year.!

Some important notes:
1. Check the official website.

Fukushima × Other Anime Other Anime

Other Famous Places