Anime Events

Important for every events!

To join the event in Japan, in many cases you will need to reserve the tickets. However to reserve, you will need to use Japanese ticket websites and make account. And to make accounts you will need your adress in Japan and Japan`s phone number. To solve this you will need to do 2 thing.

Check your hotel information

Because Hotel might allow you to use adress for apilications. (To be honest, ticket websites do not really check adress and never send anything because the ticket is digital or printing by your selve in convenience store)

Get Japan`s phone number

You should have your own sim card in Japan anyway so why dont you apply before you go and get Japanese phone number.

Click img to reserve SIM!

If you want to get Sim card with phone Number before you coming Japan, get this SIM. This is the SIm card that you can get DATA with Japanese phone Number even from oustside of Japan. However, this is quite expensive and nowdays in Japan you can reserve many event without using Japanese Phone number like below.



From Soft Bank

If you just want use DATA this is the SIM card the First one is I highly recommend to use. There is many kinds of storage with many kinds of day you can chose. Most popular Sim among Japanese. This is Amazon JP but they will ship to many countries as well. If you want Japanese Phone Number before you come to Japan and do not want to use Mobal because it is expensive, use Second one. The connections and voice sounds bad tbh, but it does not matter to just use for a while.

After you check hotel and get phone number

Finally you can make your accounts for tickets by looking at our event calender. But be careful!!!! Some of the ticket does not allow you to pay by credit card or even allow paying by credit card, they might only allow to get ticket from only in convenience store. SOOOO, make sure that the ticket is degital or the deadline of printing out at Japan`s convenience store are the day after you arrive in Japan.