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One of Japan's most legendary swordsmen and philosophers, Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645), spent his final years in Reigando Cave in Kumamoto. A warrior should lead a simple life without being attached to material possessions, he advised in "The Book of Five Rings," which he retired to compose in a cave.

Map of Reigando Cave

The Tokaido, Sanyo, and Kyushu Shinkansen offer service between Tokyo and Kumamoto. Along the route, there must be one train change, usually at Shin-Osaka or Hakata Station. Flights between Tokyo and Kumamoto are frequently operated by JAL, ANA, Solaseed Air, and Jetstar Japan. From Stand 4 of the Kumamoto Kotsu Center, take the bus number 6. (the name of the city bus terminal). When you see a large, unflattering statue of Musashi sitting in meditation in a parking lot, you are almost there. Get off at Iwato Kannon Iriguchi; it costs 550 Yen one way (pay in cash when you get off the bus). Then, walk up the hill for 15 to 20 minutes on a winding road that leads you through mekan orange orchards.

Reigando Cave

Adults must pay 300 yen to enter the temple. A few Miyamoto Musashi-related artefacts are on exhibit in a tiny building to the left as soon as you enter the temple. According to legend, one of these is the genuine wooden sword Miyamoto Musashi wielded during a well-known combat on Ganryujima Island.
Hundreds of little seated figures covering the hillside may be seen as you travel farther down the pathway. The Gohyakurakan, which translates to "five hundred students of Buddha," were carved in the 1800s over a period of 24 years by a local businessman. Each statue featured a unique face expression and assortment of clothing.


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Reigando Cave 8:00-17:00
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