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  • Yamagata Prefecture consist of famous anime of all time like "Spirited Away" make sure to check it out in this page!!

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    Spirited Away is one of the most successful Anime from Studio Ghibli, the real location also located here!

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    One of the best Shogi anime! Episode 21 take place in Yamagata Prefecture!

  • Yamagata Prefecture is best known for its breathtaking natural scenery!! Also renowned for its high-quality fruits, such as cherries and pears, as well as its delicious local cuisine, including the famous Yamagata beef!

Best place for Fruits and Beef!

In this page we will let you know the place you should go in Yamagata prefecture for anime fans!

Map of Yamagata Anime

Anime Shops

To be honest, Yamagata is countryside and there are not many anime shops but, don't worry!! Here are some shops for anime fans visiting Yamagata!!

Spirited Away

According to director Hayao Miyazaki, there is no specific model for the scenery and streets around the Oil Shop, but Ginzan Onsen is known as a place where you can experience the atmosphere of "Spirited Away"
Some important notes:
1. Please Enjoy Onsen Town and Relax your body.
2. We recommend to visit in the winter season.

March Comes in Like a Lion

It's the stage where Shimada participates in the Shogi event at his parents' house during the episode 21!

Tendo City!

Some important notes:
1. The Real Human Shogi will be held in the middle of April!!
2. Tendo City is rich in cultural heritage and traditional crafts. It is particularly known for being the birthplace of shogi, a strategic Japanese board game similar to chess. Tendo City is home to the Tendo Shogi Traditional Crafts Museum. So be sure to check that out too!

K / Absolute Duo

Bunshokan is a historic building, but at the same time, it also appears as the headquarters of the Blue Clan, Scepter 4, in the popular anime K!! Additionally, it appears as a school in Absolute Duo!!

Other Famous Places

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