• What is Anime location

    What is Anime location

    Some real place are actually in anime too! Some anime are using real exsisting place in Japan! You can get limited gift there as well. If your favorite anime are exsists in real life, then you should go! Take guess which anime is located in this images.(This pic was taken in Fujisawa city Kanagawa prefecture)

    You can see more details about anime locations from HERE

  • Anime x Real LIfe

    Anime x Real Life

    These kind of anime place, they often put some character pictures and stands. It will be good memories for you! And take guess again with this images! Which anime is this?! (This pic was taken in Chichibu city Saitama prefecture)

  • Event in Anime place

    Event in Anime place

    Also at anime place, they often have events! You should check our event calender carefully and do not miss your favorite anime event! Some writer get idea from real place like attack on titan wall in this pic! He got wall idea from this place!
    Do not miss event chek this calender! To Event Calender

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Best For Anime place


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Anime places!

Other Famous and great 5 Anime places!

Teasing Master Takagi san

Takagi san are located in Kagawa prefecture. You can get many limited stuff.

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The second seascon flowers are here!!!! Very beatiful and located in Aomori prefecture!

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LoveLive! Sunshine!!

LoveLive!Sunshine!! Are located in Numazu City Shizuoka Prefecture

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Demon slayer

Demon salyer real place are located in Tochigi prefecture. You cans see beutiful fuji no hana!

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Attack on titan

Real place of attack on titan are located in Hita city, Oita prefecture.

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