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On this page, we will introduce you to some highly recommended anime shops!


The top recommended anime shop is Animate, the world's largest anime shop! With stores in all 47 prefectures of Japan, it's the ultimate shop. If you're unsure where to go, head to Animate first!!


In second place is Lashinbang! Japan's largest store for Second hand anime goods! You can easily purchase goods from both old and new anime series here!


My third recommended anime shop is Melonbooks! The largest retailer of doujinshi! If you're looking for doujinshi, this is the place to go! They have a wide selection, including many exclusive doujinshi and the latest releases!


The second-largest doujinshi retailer in Japan, boasting a considerable scale, is Toranoana! With physical stores limited to Ikebukuro, they primarily cater to a female audience!


At the fifth spot, we have Gamers! This anime retail shop boasts popularity rivaling even that of Melonbooks and has made appearances in various anime!


In the sixth spot, we have Suruga-ya, a second-hand anime goods store that rivals the scale of stores like Lashinban! Since they specialize in second-hand goods, you might find many hidden treasures! I recommend stopping by when looking to purchase anime merchandise!


Mandarake is also a second-hand goods store! In addition to anime goods, they handle a wide variety of items, including tokusatsu, Ultraman-related goods, and retro toys! It's recommended not only for anime enthusiasts but also for those who love Japanese culture!

Gee Store

Geestore has fewer stores, but it's a really good shop! They particularly offer a variety of goods that collaborate between anime and daily necessities, including practical items like cups, spoons, plates, and more!

Nijigen Cospa

Ni-jigen Cospa is mainly engaged in selling anime collaboration apparel such as shirts and pants! They also offer other cosplay-related items. If you're looking for anime-themed apparel, this is a must-visit shop!


Kotobukiya is a leading figure manufacturing and sales company in Japan! If you love figures, be sure to visit! They also sell various other goods in their stores!

Only Shop

Pokemon Center

"A Pokémon-only shop for Pokémon enthusiasts! The Ikebukuro store also has a café! If you love Pokémon, you definitely should check it out!"

Jump Shop

Jump Shop is a store that sells Jump manga-only goods! Get your hands on merchandise from Shueisha-related works here! One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, One Punch Man, and more! Fantastic merchandise from amazing series is available!

Mugiwara Store

Mugiwara Store is a shop dedicated to One Piece goods only! Please note that it's separate from Jump Shop! If you're a One Piece fan, be sure to visit! The best One Piece merchandise is waiting for you!

Eva Store

Evangelion Store is a merchandise store exclusively for Evangelion! Although there are few branches, if you're a fan of Evangelion, be sure to check it out!

Donguri Kyowakoku

Donguri Kyowakoku is a Ghibli merchandise shop! If you're a Ghibli anime fan, make sure to visit! There are lots of adorable items available

Game Shops(H Game etc)


Sofmap is a large electronics retailer that offers a wide range of gaming-related products! They have an impressive stock of H-games, especially. If you're in Akihabara, be sure to check it out! They sell both new and used items!

Bandai Namco Cross Store

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, one of Japan's largest entertainment companies, operates multiple BANDAI NAMCO CROSS STORE locations across Japan! If you're a fan of BANDAI NAMCO-related works, be sure to visit these stores!

Capcom Store

CAPCOM STORE is an official store dedicated to CAPCOM-related merchandise! If you're a fan of Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, and more, be sure to check it out! While the number of stores is limited, some locations even have cafes!

Nintendo Store

The NINTENDO STORE offers a wide range of merchandise related to Nintendo! With only two locations in Tokyo and Osaka, if you have the opportunity, be sure to visit! Note that they may issue numbered tickets to manage crowds and allow entry in a controlled manner, so be aware!


Trader primarily specializes in H-games and galge (gal games)! If you're looking to explore such games and want more options beyond Sofmap, give this store a try! They have a wide selection, providing a rich variety of gaming options!


Don Quixote

Don Quijote is an enormous shopping mall that sells just about everything, and it's known for being incredibly affordable! They often have anime goods and collaborations, making it a great place to purchase anime merchandise at a reasonable price!


Yodobashi Camera is a super-sized electronics retailer, and while it might not seem like they sell a lot of anime goods, they actually have a decent selection of figures and other anime merchandise! When you visit Yodobashi Camera, be sure to take a look around – you might find some hidden gems!

Bic Camera

Big Camera also carries a large selection of anime goods! They often sell exclusive collaboration items, so if you come across one, be sure to stop by and check it out!
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