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Tanegashima Island is a well-known beach location well famous for its beautiful beach, sunset, and nature. It is about 20 kilometers northeast about 20 kilometers northeast of Yakushima and 43 kilometers south of Kyushu. Additionally, it is where the Tanegashima Space Center, the core of Japan's space program is located!

Map of Kagoshima Tanegashima

Take a flight from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Tanegashima through Kagoshima if you are coming from Tokyo. Alternately, take the ferry from Kagoshima to complete the voyage. Itami or Kansai International Airport in Osaka is the departure point for flights to Kagoshima. Tanegashima has public transportation, however, a rental automobile is the best way to see the island. If you're feeling courageous, you could spend several days cycling around the island.

Jaxa Space Center (Robotics;Notes)

With a total area of nearly 9,700,000 square meters, this was Japan's biggest rocket launch! Also said to as the most stunning rocket launch on the entire planet. Inside you can see the Spacecraft Test and Assembly Buildings, and the Spacecraft and Fairing Assembly Building. These facilities are used for a variety of tasks, such as building launch vehicles, maintaining them, inspecting them, checking the satellites one last time, loading them into launch vehicles, launching them, and tracking them after takeoff. Make sure to don't miss it!

Hamada Beach

A completely different impression is created by Tanegashima's east and west beaches. The rocky shore along the east coast has been well-cleaned by the stormy waves of the Pacific Ocean. Chikura Cavern is located at Hamada Beach and is so large that it seems 1,000 people could sit within. Enter the cave if you want to feel the sea breeze, the sounds of the waves, and the wonderful mood that nature has created!

Pistol Museum

First Westerners to stepped foot in Japan arrived at Tanegashima. This occurred in 1543 when a typhoon caused a Chinese ship carrying three Portuguese merchants to sink the ship off the southeast shore of the island. The museum, which is built to resemble a ship from the 16th century, features exhibitions about Tanegashima Island's history, culture, and natural environment in addition to gun related exhibits. Be sure to check it out you will learn more about world history!


Other things you should not miss!

Open time

Jaxa Space Center 10:00~17:00
Hamada Beach All time
Pistol Museum 8:30~17:00
Space Ramen 11:00~14:00, 19:00~21:00
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