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Do you know about "Anime Japan"? It's one of the biggest anime events in Japan, the second most popular after Comic Market! The major difference between the two is that "Anime Japan" doesn't have doujin goods. Doujin goods refer to self-published works, like doujinshi, handmade or created by individuals. In "Anime Japan," only companies sell official goods as official products. Additionally, "Anime Japan" features stage events that Comic Market doesn't have. These stage events allow you to see popular voice actors and more!!

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Basic information of Anime Japan

Anime Japan is one of the world's biggest anime events held at Tokyo Big Sight (Nijigasaki High School). As mentioned above, Anime Japan is an anime-only event featuring cosplay, limited official goodies, exhibits, and special stages!! This year, it will be held on March 23rd and 24th! Anime Japan has a surprisingly long history, celebrating its 11th edition this year!

Event Information
Date: March 23rd (Sat) to 24th (Sun), 2024
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Last entry is until 4:30 PM)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Google Map here)
Admission: Ticket system
Stage Viewing: Lottery system

Anime Japan Tickets

Anime Japan tickets can honestly be confusing... Therefore, in this section, we've summarized information about tickets to give you a general understanding! If you're curious about the details, check out the official website!

About Tickets
Type Sales Period Price (incl. tax) AJ Stage Application Rights For Stage Sales
Premium Entry Ticket※1 Premium Entry Ticket※1 January 19 (Fri) to January 24 (Wed) ¥50,000 View all stages - Purchase
Entry Ticket with Stage Application※1 Entry Ticket with Stage Application※1 AJ Official Pre-sale: January 19 (Fri) to February 1 (Thu) ¥2,300 ※2 ※2 Can apply Purchase
Entry Ticket with Stage Application※3 Entry Ticket with Stage Application※3 Rakuten Ticket Sale: February 8 (Thu) to February 25 (Sun) ¥2,300 ※2 ※2 Can apply Purchase
Entry Ticket February 26 (Mon) to March 22 (Fri) ¥2,300 × Not applicable Purchase
Same-day Entry Ticket (Walk-in) March 23 (Sat) to March 24 (Sun) ¥2,600 × Not applicable Available at the venue on the day
Fast Ticket※1,4 Fast Ticket※1,4 Pre-sale lottery: February 26 (Mon) to March 15 (Fri) ¥3,900 × Not applicable Purchase
Fast Ticket※1,4 Fast Ticket※1,4 First-come, First-served Sale: March 19 (Tue) to March 22 (Fri) ¥3,900 × Not applicable Purchase

Important Notes
※1.These tickets are only available in Japan.

※2.You can apply to lottery up to 5 stages for one ticket. If you apply it with two ticket at same time, you can get pair seat if you won the lottery. For Details of stages, check Official Website!!

※3.You can apply to lottery from February 29th (Thu) 10:00 (JST) to March 6th (Wed) 23:59 (JST). Result will come up on March 13rd 16:00 (JST).

※4.With Fast ticket, you can enter the venue one hour earlier. For fast entry, you need to buy Entry ticket!! Also, Fast ticket is only available for those who has Japanese phone number and address.


Cosplaying is allowed at Anime Japan!! To participate in cosplay, cosplay registration is needed in addition to your entry ticket! There's also an early morning changing room and cloakroom available!

Cosplay Basic Information
Registration Fee: ¥1,000 (tax included) per day
Registration Location: Cosplay reception (in front of the changing room)
Changing Room Hours: 9:00~17:00 (last reception at 16:30)
Cloakroom Hours: 9:00~16:30
Early Morning Use: Both changing room and cloakroom available from 7:00~8:30
Cosplay Area (East Hall 8): 9:00~17:00
Outside Cosplay Area (Outside East Hall 8): 9:00~16:30

Important Notes
・You cannot enter, leave, or return in cosplay.
・If you go outside the venue, be sure to change out of your costume.
・When taking photos, get the cosplayer's permission.
・Wearing costumes that makes others uncomfortable is not allowed.
・Other acts considered malicious by the organizers may also be prohibited.

For more detailed information, rules, and regulations, check the official website!

Is that equipment okay?

Since Anime Japan is held in late March, it is quite cold! Also, since the venue is near Tokyo Bay, there can be wind, and it might feel colder than the actual temperature... Therefore, it's good to bring items for cold weather, such as a scarf, gloves, and a light jacket that can be easily taken off for temperature adjustment!!

Also, don't forget to bring essentials like your Smartphone, Mobile battery for charging, Camera for taking cosplay, Passport, Bag for goodies, Games to play during wait times, and small snacks!

Necessities List!

Transportations & Hotels

For many people, Tokyo Big Sight is a place they won't visit unless there're events like Comic Market or Anime Japan... In this section, we will explain the main transportation and nearby hotels that can be used on the day of Anime Japan!


First, about trains, which is the most widely used transportation. There are three stations close to Tokyo Big Sight, the Anime Japan venue: Kokusai Tenjijo Station, Tokyo Big Sight Station, and Ariake Station, and basically, you will use one of these three.

Kokusai Tenjijo Station (Yurikamome Line)
This is the station most people use when it comes to Anime Japan, due to its easy access to the JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin-Tohoku Line, JR Saikyo Line direct connections, JR Keiyo Line and the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line. If you are beginner, we recommend using Kokusai Tenjijo Station.

Ariake Station (Yurikamome)
It is one station close to Kokusai Tenjijo Station. If you exit the ticket gate and go in the direction of the left exit, 1A, 1B, you can go to Tokyo Big Sight and Symbol Promenade Park Flower Square.

Tokyo Big Sight Station (Yurikamome)
Station closest to Tokyo Big Sight (3-minute walk). You can reach Tokyo Big Sight by going to South Exit 2A or 2B.


There are several bus stops near the Anime Japan venue, and you can take a bus to Tokyo Big Sight. Some express buses from Osaka and other places also go to the bus stop near Tokyo Big Sight. You can check bus stops from the map below.

A bus that runs between Shinbashi Station and Tokyo Teleport Station. The bus stop is at the rotary in front of Kokusai Tenjijo Station. You can find the official route map and timetable here!!

Toei Bus
There are five bus routes available for boarding and alighting near Tokyo Big Sight: 都05-2, 東16系統, 門19, 急行05 and 急行06 (急行 run only on weekends and public holidays.)

Official route maps and timetables are below!!
都05-2 (Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit ~ Tokyo Big Sight)
東 16 (Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit ~ Tokyo Big Sight)
門 19 (Monzen Nakacho Station ~ Tokyo Big Sight)
急行05 (Kinshicho Station ~ Nippon Kagaku Miraikan, only on weekends and holiday)
急行06 (Morishita station ~ Nippon Kagaku Miraikan, only on weekends and holiday)

JR bus kanto
There are two types of express buses operated by JR, one running between Tokyo Station and Tokyo Port Ferry Terminal and the other running from Sannomiya Bus Terminal (Hyogo) - Osaka Station JR Express Bus Terminal - JR Nara Station - JR Kyoto Station - Shinkiba Station: Seishun Eco-Dream and Grand Dream.

Official Tokyo Station and Tokyo Port Ferry Terminal route maps and timetables are here!!
Tokyo route maps and timetables of Seishun Eco-Dream and Grand Dream are here!!

Hotel around Comic Market Venue

We will introduce hotels around the venue.

The map and list above is a map of all the hotels in Ariake. Regarding hotel accommodation costs, the dates of Comic Market are during Japan's holiday period, and accommodation facilities prices are increasing all over the place. Therefore, the hotels listed above are particularly expensive due to their location, and even at the moment... If you want to save money, we recommend using a hotel or capsule hotel outside Ariake or an internet cafe (the closest one to the venue is Aplecio Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu).

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Stage Information

As mentioned briefly above, at Anime Japan, you can see stages featuring voice actors and staff members involved in anime! While official ticket sales for AJ have already ended, you can still apply for stage events with tickets available for sale at Rakuten ticket for overseas, and CN Play Guide, Animate, and others for those living in Japan!! The application period is from February 29th (Thu) 10:00 to March 6th (Wed) 23:59 (JST), so be sure to not forget it!!
Event Overview
Anime Japan opens at 9:00 in the morning. If you want limited goods, it's advisable to go around 7:00 or purchase a fast ticket!
The nearest station to Anime Japan is here!
Tickets can be purchased here!

Other Recommended Events
Anime Japan is held on March 23rd and 24th, but in the week leading up to it on March 16th and 17th, the biggest event of hololive, hololive Super Expo 2024, is scheduled to take place! The venue is Makuhari Messe, and it's a bit far, but why not consider going to hololive Super Expo while attending Anime Japan??
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This is the biggest and the most popular travel company in Japan!! You can reserve hotel at reasonable price!! There are English, Thai, Korean and Chinese version for Rakuten!! You can switch it from language. If you're using Smartphone, change website to PC version and switch the language to your language.
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