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Biggest hololive Event!

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hololive Super Expo, is a biggest hololive only event held once a year at Makuhari Messe!! At the same days, they hold live event, 5th fes. Capture the Moment!! You can't miss it!! Check ticket details from here!!

You can also check other event at event calendar!!

Map of Makuhari Messe

Basic information of hololive Super Expo

hololive Super Expo is the event of Cover Corporation, which manages hololive. Therefore, not only female VTubers from hololive, hololive English, hololive Indonesia, and hololive DEV_IS but also male VTubers from Holostars (Expo only) participates!! It's the world's biggest VTuber event!!

hololive Island!!

This year's Expo theme is hololive Island!! You can tour the island where hololive members live!! Also, there are various exhibits, including those inspired by hololive Summer 2023 and a booth for Horohanigaoka High School (collaboration of HoneyWorks and hololive)!!

The event will take place on March 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun), 2024, at Makuhari Messe!! For 5th fes. Capture the Moment, it will be held in Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1~3, and for the Expo, it will be in Exhibition Halls 4~8!! Cosplay is allowed on the day, but only those who have applied in advance (until March 8) can participate. You can register for cosplay participation here!!

Basic Information
Date: March 16-17, 2024
Admission: Ticket system
Venue: Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls 1~8
Event Time (Expo): 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM (Last entry at 5:00 PM)
Event Time (First Half): Open at 11:30 AM, starts at 1:00 PM
Event Time (Second Half): Open at 5:00 PM, starts at 6:30 PM

About Cosplay Participation
Note 1: To participate, you need a ticket for Expo 2024.
Note 2: Registration for the use of changing rooms and cloakrooms (first-come, first-served until March 8) is required.
Note 3: Changing outside of the designated changing rooms is prohibited on the day.
Note 4: Please show the confirmation email of registration at each entrance when using changing rooms and cloakrooms.
Note 5: The use time for changing rooms and cloakrooms is from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.
Note 6: Please be sure to change within the allotted time before going home.
Note 7: hololive related Cosplay is only allowed

Register for cosplay, changing rooms, and cloakroom, click here.
For other costume regulations, check here.

Ticket information

Unfortunately, ticket sales for hololive Super Expo and 5th fes. Capture the Moment have ended due to the general sale tickets being sold out...But there's still a chance!! In previous Expos in 2022 and 2023, an official resale was conducted about 1 or 2 weeks before the event!! Therefore, there might be a resale for Expo 2024 and 5th fes as well!!

Ticket Sales Schedule

1st Round Lottery Ticket
Application Period: 2023/12/5 21:00 ~ 12/15 23:59(JST)
Confirmation and Payment Period: 2023/12/22 15:00 ~ 12/29 23:00(JST)
Ticket Issuance Starts: 2024/2/10 12:00~(JST)
2nd Round Lottery Ticket
Application Period: 2024/1/5 12:00 ~ 1/9 23:59(JST)
Confirmation and Payment Period: 2024/1/13 15:00 ~ 1/20 23:00(JST)
Ticket Issuance Starts: 2024/2/10 12:00~(JST)
3rd Round Lottery Ticket
Application Period: 2024/1/24 21:00 ~ 1/28 23:59(JST)
Confirmation and Payment Period: 2024/1/31 15:00 ~ 2/7 23:00(JST)
Ticket Issuance Starts: 2024/2/10 12:00~(JST)
General Sale
Sale Period: 2024/2/10 12:00~(JST)
General Sale for people living in Japan: Check here!
General Sale for people living outside Japan: Check here!
Application Period: 2024/3/1 21:00 ~ 3/3 23:59(JST)
Confirmation and Payment Period: 2024/3/5 15:00~(JST)
Ticket Issuance Starts: 2024/3/5 15:00~(JST)

Apply resale from here!!

Past resale information
2022 resale information: here
2023 resale information: here

Other important information
Ticket applications are available only from smartphones.
To join both Expo and fes, you need to buy both tickets.
If you have a ticket for either Expo or fes, you can participate in goodies sales (enter the market area).
The market area is inside Expo.

Contents of Expo!!

This year's hololive Super Expo has the theme of hololive Island, where hololive members live!! hololive Island is divided into 5 areas, and you can enjoy exhibitions, as well as food, goodies, stages, and more!!
Expo important points
For HOLOSTARS & HOLOSTARS English Meet & Greet 1-on-1 "Ichioshi Talk", in addition to the Expo ticket, you need a ticket for this event. The ticket sales schedule is as follows.

Lottery Ticket
Lottery: 2024/2/17 9:00 PM ~ 2/22, 11:59 PM (JST)
Results: 2024/2/27, 3:00 PM ~ 2/29, 11:00 PM (JST)
Tickets: 2024/3/2, 12:00 noon (JST) ~ Start of the event

General Sale
Sales Period: 2024/3/2, 12:00 noon ~ Start of the event

For those living oversea, Apply (only on smartphones) here!!
For those living Japan, Apply (only on smartphones) here!!

Details of 5th fes!!

This time, festival marks its memorable 5th anniversary!! Following the collaboration with DECO*27 in the previous fes, this fes is set to feature a collaboration stage with HoneyWorks!! The HoneyWorks Stage has the highest number of VTubers performing over two days, making it an amazing stage!! I also wanted to join fes...

In the image above, Yozora Mel was listed as a performer, but as of January 24th, her appearance has been canceled.

hololive & HoneyWorks Relations

What you need for Expo!!

Here, we will introduce what you should bring to hololive Super Expo and 5th fes!!

Transportation + Hotel

Here, we will introduce the transportation options to Makuhari Messe, the venue for hololive Super Expo, and the hotels around the area!!

Transportation (Train)

First, about the train, which is expected to be the most used option on the day of Expo and fes. The nearest station to the Expo venue is Kaihin-Makuhari Station!! In general, Kaihin-Makuhari Station is the closest to the venue, and others are far away, so you probably won't use them. Other options are Makuhari-Toyosuna Station and Makuhari-Hongo Station.

List of Stations to be Used

Kaihin-Makuhari Station (JR)
This is the closest station to Makuhari Messe. It takes about 5 minutes from the station to the venue, the fastest route. Kaihin-Makuhari is served by JR Keiyo Line and JR Musashino Line, with rapid access from Tokyo in about 30 minutes and from Saitama, about an hour from Minami-Urawa Station!!

Makuhari-Toyosuna Station (JR)
It's about a 20-minute walk from the station to the venue! To be honest, it's quite far... But from the station, there's a huge Aeon Mall (famous Japanese shopping mall), Costco, Round One (Place to play Arcade game, Karaoke, and more!!), and more!! So, it's recommended for those who have extra energy after Expo or Fes!!

Makuhari-Hongo Station (JR + Keisei)
50-minute walk from the station to the venue!! Too far!! It seems like it's not usable for events at Makuhari Messe... But!! The advantage of this station is Keisei Bus!! You can go directly to Makuhari Messe on Keisei Bus, and it takes about 18 minutes with a fare of only 260 yen, making it quite easy to get to the venue!! However, you need to close your eyes to the limited number of buses...

Transportation (Bus)

The area around Makuhari Messe is quite well-served by buses, and there are many routes. In this section, we will explain the buses and routes that reaches to Makuhari Messe Chuo and Makuhari Messe (East Exit), which is close to the venue of Expo!! Please note that the schedules of the buses introduced in this section are for Saturdays and Sundays as the Expo day, and they may differ on weekdays.

Makuhari Messe Chuo(or Central)
This is the bus stop for both going and returning!! Anyway, if you go to Makuhari Messe Chuo, you'll be fine because Makuhari Messe Chuo is right next to Makuhari Messe!! The routes you will use are Keisei Bus, Chiba Kaihin Kotsu, and Chiba Seaside Bus!!

Keisei Bus
幕01(Maku01): Makuhari-Hongo Station ~ Makuhari Messe Chuo
海61(Kai61): Shin-Narashino Station → Kaihin-Makuhari Station (Operates only at 7:01 departing from Shin-Narashino Station)
海62(Kai62): Kaihin-Makuhari Station → Shintoshin Eigyosho (Operates only at 21:42 departing from Kaihin-Makuhari Station)
Express Bus: Haneda Airport ~ Makuhari Messe Chuo
Express Bus: Narita Airport ~ Makuhari Messe Chuo

Even with the same 幕01(Maku01), it may not stop at Makuhari Messe Chuo depending on the destination. If you want to get off at Makuhari Messe Chuo, take the one bound for Makuhari Messe Chuo. For detailed timetables and route maps, click here.

For details of the express buses from Narita airports , click here!!
For details of the express buses from Haneda airports , click here!!

Chiba Seaside Bus
293: Makuhari Messe Chuo → Hanamigawa Ward Office
243: Makuhari Messe Chuo ~ JR Makuhari Station
239: Makuhari Messe Chuo ~ Hanashima Park

Buses to Makuhari Messe are frequent, but buses departing from Makuhari Messe are only 5, so please be careful. For detailed timetables, click here.

Makuhari Messe (East Exit)
The second-closest bus stop to Expo's venue!! When the bus bound for Makuhari Messe Chuo is crowded, this is another option!! The location is outside Exhibition Hall 8, and the number of buses is overwhelmingly large!!

Keisei Bus
幕01(Maku01): Makuhari-Hongo Station ~ ZOZO Marine Stadium

Depending on the destination, 幕01(Maku01) has slightly different routes. If you want to get off at Makuhari Messe (East Exit), take the one bound for Medical Center or ZOZO Marine Stadium. For timetables, route maps, and bus arrival information, click here.

Chiba Seaside Bus
290: ZOZO Marine Stadium ~ Hanamigawa Ward Office
241: ZOZO Marine Stadium ~ JR Makuhari Station
234: ZOZO Marine Stadium ~ Hanashima Park

Buses to ZOZO Marine Stadium are frequent, but buses departing from Makuhari Messe are only 8, and the last bus is at 17:37, so please be careful. For detailed timetables, click here.

Chiba Kaihin Kotsu
ZOZO Marine Stadium Line: ZOZO Marine Stadium ~ JR Inage Station
Buses run every 30 minutes. Amazing!! For detailed timetables, click here.

Hotels around Makuhari Messe

The map and list above show all the hotels near Makuhari Messe. When there's a big event, hotel prices usually go up. So, especially the hotels mentioned are a bit expensive because they're in a good location. Right now (as of 11/06), staying for 2 nights and 3 days would cost at least 10,000 yen or more per room per day. As the event day gets closer, prices might go up more. If you're looking for a place to stay near the venue, it's a good idea to book early. For those wanting to save money, you could check out hotels a bit farther away, capsule hotels, or even internet cafes!

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