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  • Surugaya is the one of the most famous second-hand anime goods shop including game and manga! Of course!! You can buy the new anime goodies too.

  • Time sale event is really famous for all of Surugaya users! You can buy stuff by very cheap price!!

  • From 2019, you can buy the stuff by using Surugaya from oversea!! Worry about packing?? Don't worry!! Their packing skill is really nice so, you don't need to worry about your goodies getting hurt.

  • Surugaya is the really nice place to get a nice anime stuff, if you are anime otaku, you must visit here!

Best place for secondhand treasure

In this page we will let you know the Surugaya. Don't worry about using Surugaya. We will teach you. It's not very hard thing.


Information of Surugaya

Surugaya has started from Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka city!! It covers all subculture items such as games, used books, DVDs, CDs, and figures. It is similar to Mandarake and JUNGLE! There are so many different things that come up. New products are also coming up and reservations are supported, but used goods are overwhelming.

You can also find quite old used magazines and perks. If you are collecting subculture related goods, such as goods that do not come up on Japanese Auction, you must visit at least once. In fact, Surugaya is one of the most famous Doujin shops.

How to use time sale event

In Surugaya, there are many time sales event held! Sadly this is for domestic user of Surugaya, but you can order stuff by your friend who can live in Japan or order it in the hotel when you travel!

Some important notes::
1. Discounting time and category vary every time, and if you are subscribed to Surugaya, an e-mail is sent to you. The discount rate varies widely from just a few tens of yen to almost 90 percent.

2. As it is a used stuff, some goods gets discounts if they are not sold even after a long time.

3. As second-hand products are main products, some goods has problem and the quality of the goods delivered varies widely. If you're lucky, almost new products that have not even been opened will come, but if you are unlucky, goods in poor condition may arrive.

4. The best thing of the time sale is the lucky box (bundled sales), which was sold only for offline, and various types are available when online sales began.

How to order stuff from oversea

Surugaya has started Shipping in May 2019. However, there are no time or event sale applies. For overseas, they uses the EMS express delivery system.

However, the number of goods is overwhelmingly smaller than that of Japan because only goods in Shizuoka main shop can be purchased. Previously, direct overseas delivery was also sold, but some 18+ products are not on the sales list.

Access Surugaya for oversea Click Here

Important information of Surugaya

If you're living in Japan , you might need to pay for delivery fee and mail order sales fee . For more detail, check the fee list below.

Some other important notes::

1. Even if it's the same goods, sometimes the price differ from Surugaya online site, and if you're lucky, you can buy it cheaper than online site, and vice versa. Tax free is available if you purchase more than 5,000 yen.

2. Offline stores (marketplaces) can also be ordered online. There is no mail-order sales fee, but it is sold by store like Mandarake, so you have to pay a separate delivery fee. Some stores offer free delivery when purchasing more than a certain amount. However, because it is not fully computerized, some products are often already sold out, so be careful.

3. You can use Paypal and credit card in shops.
Delivery fee
All area in Japan
Less than 1,000 yen : 440 yen
1,000 ~ 1,500 yen : 385yen
More than 1,500 yen : Free

Mail order sales fee
mainland + Kyushu & Shikoku area
Less than 5,000 yen : 240 yen
More than 5,500 yen : Free

Hokkaido & Okinawa
Less than 5,000 yen : 570 yen
5,000 ~ 10,000 yen : 285 yen
More than 10,000 yen : Free
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