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Dedicated to Inari, the kami whose messengers are foxes, it is the third largest of its kind in Japan. It was constructed in 1688 as the family shrine of the Nabeshima clan who ruled what would become the Saga area (called Hizen at that time) during the Edo period. It was built to the Inari kami of the harvest by a princess from Kyoto named Manko Hime (萬子媛) who married Nabeshima Naotomo. The Nabeshima clan was entrusted with protecting Edo’s interests in Kyūshū, in particular the city of Nagasaki, which was one of the few ports open to foreign contact during Japan’s period of isolation.

The external appearance

Built in the 17th century, the famous temple offers scenic views and has a popular New Year's festival.

Yutoku Museum

The Yutoku Museum displays historical, artistic, folkloric, and other artifacts to devout worshippers from all over Japan, numbering several million each year, as well as general visitors. Its ultimate aim is to contribute to the improvement of social and school education through its activities.

Seasonal flower

There are many flowers here. There are many flowers by spring, summer, fall, and winter, and among them, the most popular flowers are cosmos and cherry blossoms. The official website lists the flowers that bloom by season, so please visit. Click Here.

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24 hours works
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