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Do you know where the author, Isayama Sensei of Attack On Titan come from?? Isayama Sensei is from Oita prefecture, Hita city. When Isayama sensei is drawing and thinking of manga, he got inspired from Hita!!! This page will introduce you where to go in Hita with Attack On Titan!!!

Map of Hita with place we will introduce

As can be seen from the map, Hita City is located in the middle of Kyushu. It is therefore easily accessible from all parts of the country. It takes approximately one hour to reach Hita from Hakata. Oita, where Hita City is located, is most famous in Japan for its hot springs, with a considerable concentration of hot springs in Yufuin and Beppu. It's fun to go to Yufuin and Beppu after a day of sightseeing in Hita!

Attack On Titan Museum

First up, Attack On Titan Museum! Here you'll find original manga drawings and a desk used by Isayama-sensei! You can even sit at the desk and pretend to be Isayama-sensei! And what's more, admission is free!
Also, the roadside station attached to the museum sells goods that can only be bought here! A must-buy for any fan!

Open time

Weekday : 9:30~16:00
Weekends/Holidays : 9:30~17:00

Statues in Oyama Dam & Hita station

Next, the statues! There are two bronze statues of the Colossal Titans in Hita City! First, from the Oyama Dam! At the Oyama Dam, there is a statue of the scene when Eren and his friends first encounter the Colossal Titan! The dam represents a wall, like the scene in the manga!
© 諫山創/講談社
Another one is a bronze statue of Captain Levi in front of Hita station! This statue was built in 2021 in front of Hita Station!

Attack on Hita Cafe

Moving on, Attack on HIta cafe! This one is open on the second floor of Patria Hita! Here you can have a drink with a limited-edition cup sleeve and an Attack on HIta bento! Plus, there's a photo spot and goodies for sale! You can' t miss it!

Open time

Weekday : 11:00~14:00
Weekends/Holidays : 11:00~15:00

Note: Attack on Hita Bento must be booked 2 days in advance.
To make a reservation, please click here for the official website.

Other Attack On Titan Place

Last, we'll shortly introduce you to some of the places associated with Attack On Titan and Isayama sensei! Swipe and check it!!

Open time

Washokukoubou Shin : 11:30~14:00 & 18:00~22:00 (Last Order)
Holiday: Wednesdays, other non-scheduled holidays : 2 days per month

Mamekichi, Grilled offal lab : 11:00〜14:00 & 17:30〜23:30
Holiday : Sunday

Hotel Socia : Open Every day, 24 hours

Torisen Wakamiya Store : 10:00~20:00
Holiday : Irregular holidays

Yakisoba No Sofuren Oyama Store : 11:00~20:30
Holiday : Wednesday
Hita City is very active, and they're even doing some limited time events! If you want to be the first to get the information, click here for the official information!


Hita City and Oita Prefecture are not just about the places we've mentioned, there are many other fascinating places to visit! Here are some of the most wonderful ones!!!
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