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    In t he music video called happy paty train, the Aqours are singing in actual place in Bungo no mori kikanko museum (Kusumachi Oita)

  • Kusu machi are located in Oita prefecture. Oita prefecture is in Kyushu Area and near by Fukuoka Prefectrure And also Yufuin is located in Oita too! If you love Aqours why don't you go!

  • Oita is well known with hotsprings. There is also massive natures and great sea foods! Let's explore Oita prefecture with Aqours!It will takes only one and half an hour to get here from Hakata, Fukuoka! Let's gooooo!

In Bungo no mori Kikanko Museum! (Kusu machi Oita)

Did you know that the aqours music video happy party train is actually exsits in Oita prefecture? If you like that music video you should diffenately go! (Bungo no mori kikanko Museum)

Map of Bugo no mori kikanko museum

This map is showing the place where this train is located. Oita is very close from Fukuoka Hakata. If you guys like lovelive why dont you just come! Takes 1.5 hrs by train from Fukuoka hakata!

Bungo mori kikanko museum was on other anime too!?

As you can see from this pictures, this kikanko museum was also in Nisekoi and demon slayer too! This place is very popular in Anime! if you guys have any chance of coming to Oita just come here!!

Bungo no mori Kikanko Museum

Entranse fee:100 yen Open:10:00〜16:00 Close: Monday. (If monday is holiday in Japan, they will open and will close next day)


These are other very good place or useful stuff that you can go around or use around Kusumachi Oita!

Other schedules

Mori no kureyon : open 11:00-15:00 close: Monday
Animate Oita: Everyday 11:00-19:00
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