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  • Usa shrine is the head of hachiman shrine. hachiman shirine is one of the biggest shirne which made for Amaterasu. There is many kind of shirne in Japan and Hachiman Shrine is the biggest. There is around 44,000 haciman shrine in Japan and Usa is the head!

  • Usa shrine is Located in Oita prefecture. Oita is very famous for onsen, nature and foods! especially sea foods and chicken! Also many anime related place! If you have any chance of coming Oita, You should go Usa shirne as well!

  • Oita is very close from Fukuoka prefecture! It will takes only one and half an hour to get here from Hakata city, Fukuoka prefecture! Let's gooooo Oita!

In Usa city Oita prefecture!

Did you know that there is one of the biggest shrine in Japan located in Usa city, Oita?! The srine name is Usa hachiman shrine! There is 44,000 hachiman shirne in japan and this is the head of hachiman shirine!

Map of Usa shrine

This map is showing the place where the Usa shrine located. This shrine is located in usa city Oita, and not united states lol. Oita is close from Fukuoka and Kumamoto as well. Can go by train and it'll take around 1 and half an hour.

01. Usa Shrine

As you can see from this pictures, it is very beutiful. Usa shrine has different face in each season. If you have chance of going Oita, You should diffenetely go.

Usa shirne

Entranse fee:Free
Open:Everyday 6:00〜21:00


There is many other good place around usa shrine! Check this out!

Other schedules

Yochan ramen: open 11:00-15:00 close: Thursday
Karaage Kaede: Open 16:30-19:00 close: Wednesday
Summer festival in Usa shrine: Not anounce yet
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