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Find Best place to stay in Japan

To find place to stay, Japanese websites are actually the best with the price. It is always cheapest compare to other overseas websites! Let`s find best place to stay and go anime events!

Let's Go Anime events!

To resarve Hotels in Japan, Japanese sites are the always cheapest.

Rakuten Travel

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The biggest and most famous Japanese travel agency. If you want to reserve a hotel just use Rakuten Travel. Great place with great support in many Languages! But there is no Language switcher for mobile. You will need to change to PC mode. The mode change button is in the bottom part of the website.

The Language switcher is at the right top of the websites! There is no Language switcher for mobile but there are websites for mobile with many languages. Just change to pc mode for Language Switcher! Rakuten travel is cheap and you can also get points and can use next time as money. I love to use these sites when I reserve. Let`s Have a great trip in Japan!

Rakuten STAY


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Rakuten Stay is very similar to airbnb. You can reserve Private accommodations and simple lodging from this sites. So cheaper compare to Hotels. If you want to reserve Hotel in Japan, use rakuten Travel and if you want to Reserve airbnb use Rakuten stay.

Japan Travel Agency

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Japan Travel Agency is the biggest Japan-only travel company in Japan. So that to reserve a hotel in Japan this website is also really great. The problem is there is English as well but can not reserve it. If you want to reserve you will need to use Japanese.


【公式】トリップアドバイザー Click img to reserve Hotels!

One of the best part of TripAdvisor is its extensive collection of user-generated reviews. Travelers can share their experiences, insights, and tips, helping others make informed decisions about accommodations, restaurants, and attractions. You can find not only hotels but also other good place to go around hotels!


HIS 画像をクリックして予約!

HIS is also a super popular website for Japanese to reserve Hotels in Japan. They do have English as well but little wired because of auto translations. However, they do anime collaborations frequently, which I recommend as Otaku! Now they doing Frieren.

Train, Shinkansen are very important

The public transportations are the best in the world. At this section, I will write about the best way to get tickets and reserve public trabsportations in Japan.


If you do not really know how to use and get on Buses in Japan, check this page. Click Here! For the buses, usually you do not need to reserve but if you want use highway bus or airport buses, better to reserve. It is much cheaper if you reserve. Also instead of using shinkansens, if you use high way bus like to Osaka from Tokyo, way cheaper compare to Shinkansen. Of course it will take more time but won`t take money haha( ´∀` )
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This website are the most wellknown highway and airport bus reservation sites called They even have Chinese and Koreans as well! If you are thinking to use Buses just use this sites to reserve! Very cheap and easy to use.


The way of use train in Japan and getting Tickets are explained in this Page! Click Here


Getting on taxi in Japan is very easy. Just raise your hand and tell the place where you want go to the taxi driver. Please be aware that the taxi driver cannot speak English!
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This website are the most wellknown Taxi reservation App in Japan. The name is Taxi GO. If you want to use taxi, just use this app. The biggest problem is there is only in Japanese and to use you will need to have Japanese Phone Number. So for that use DIDI below.
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This is called DIDI and famous taxi reservation application in Japan. You can download it to your phone and easy to reserve. They have Japanese English and Spanish. But some rural areas can not use this app be careful. For that, taxi go does cover more area but only in Japanese and you need to have a Japanese phone Number.


Shinkansen is super useful transportation in Japan! Super quick with cool experience!
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This website are the most wellknown Hotel reservation sites in Japan. But you can also reserve Shinkansen as well! If you want to use Shinkansen, just use this sites. Much cheaper if you reserve here compare to buying at station in Japan. However, you can reseverve shinkansen only from Japanese. If you change Languages, you can not reserve sad.


I will introduce the best place to reserve airplanes in Japan at this section.
レンタカー Click img to reserve Airplane!
This website are the wellknown Airplane reservation sites in Japan. Called sky tickets. If you put location and the date you want to use airplane, it will automatically compare all the airplane exsists at the date you want to use and find the cheapest one for you.
To change the language, if you are using PC, you can see the Japan flag at on right top of the sites and if you click that you can see the button saying swicth to English. If you are using mobile phone, click the menu and if you scroll all the way to bottom you can see tha Japan flag and if you tap that you can find the button with saying switch to English.

Reservation is always IMPORTANT

If you can reserve anime event before you go it is much better compare to buying same day ticket. If you reserve, you do not need to worry about the sold out.


I will introduce the best sites to reserve tickets in Japan at this section.

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Ticket pay is the most used ticket reservation websites in Japan. You can reserve anime event ticket here. Ticket Pay currently (As of Jun 30th) supports non-Japanese phone numbers forregistration 1(list is in below) as well. But there is only in Japanese so good luck to use. Or if you are using Google, You can right click the screen, and translate to English.
1. Currently(as of Jun 30th), you can apply ticket using a phone number from the list of countries below at Ticket Pay.

USA, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Myanmar

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This ticket sites is caleed E plus and very popular sites in Japan. However for overseas, there is no many tickets are selling. Although, sites are all in English and very easy to use for people who can not understand Japanese. If you know Japanese and have phone number Click here. too see Japanese sites. If you wnat see english click the image.


If you have Japanese phone number it will be very useful especially when you reserving tickets!

Click img to reserve SIM!

If you want to get Sim card with phone Number before you coming Japan, get this SIM. This is the SIm card that you can get DATA with Japanese phone Number even from oustside of Japan. However, this is quite expensive and nowdays in Japan you can reserve many event without using Japanese Phone number like below.



From Soft Bank

If you just want use DATA this is the SIM card the First one is I highly recommend to use. There is many kinds of storage with many kinds of day you can chose. Most popular Sim among Japanese. This is Amazon JP but they will ship to many countries as well. If you want Japanese Phone Number before you come to Japan and do not want to use Mobal because it is expensive, use Second one. The connections and voice sounds bad tbh, but it does not matter to just use for a while.
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↑(Click img above for hotel reservations)
This is the biggest and the most popular travel company in Japan!! You can reserve hotel at reasonable price!! There are English, Thai, Korean and Chinese version for Rakuten!! You can switch it from language. If you're using Smartphone, change website to PC version and switch the language to your language.
To stay in Japan, Japanese site is always the cheapest.