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Beppu is well known for one of the best Onsen resort in Japan. But at the same time, there are anime and manga locations of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)!!! This page will give you information of Hachiman Kamado shrine and place around shrine.

Map of Beppu with place we will introduce

The Shrine which is used as a model of water breathing tenth form, Constant Flux is called Hachiman kamado Shrine. It is placed bit far from Beppu station. It takes about 30 min from Beppu station to Hachiman kamado shrine. Also, from shrine to our recommendations, Yumetamatebako & Toyoken, It takes about 30 to 40 min by using busses.

Hachiman kamado Shrine

Hachiman Kamado Shrine is located in the Uchikamado district of Beppu City! Hachiman kamado Shrine is a historic shrine that has existed since around the 5th century. There is a legend that the staircase leading up to the shrine was built by demons! And on the ceiling of the shrine, there is drawing of dragon that is the motif of water breathing, tenth form, constant flux!! Plus, look out for the illustrated ema by fans!

Ema illustrated by fan!!!


At Yumetamatebako you can enjoy a variety of hot springs and saunas, including a sleeping bath(寝湯), a box steam bath(箱蒸風呂)and a large open air rock bath(露天の岩風呂)! And the prices are cheaper than other spa facilities in the area, at 580 yen on weekdays and 780 yen on weekends and holidays until 22:00! What's more, after 22:00 the price is 580 yen!

Open time & Price

7:00AM~2:00AM(Next day)
Weekdays : 580 yen
Sat, Sun and holiday : 780 yen
Busy Season : 980 yen
(Busy season will be around first week of may, August, and end of the year)

Restaurant Toyoken

Beppu is famous for its chicken tempura, and there's a restaurant where it originated! That's Restaurant Toyoken! Toyoken also provides delicious chinese food!!! You should try it!!!

Open time

11:00〜15:30 (Stop order at 15:00) 17:00〜22:00 (Stop order at 21:00)
Closed day : Every 2nd Tuesday of each month

Bungo Mori Roundhouse & Turntable

Bungo Mori Roundhouse & Turntable was an engine depot located east of Bungomori Station on the JNR Kyudai Main Line in Kusu-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita Prefecture. And in front of the Bungo Mori Roundhouse & Turntable is the train on which the Mugen Train was modelled! What's more, this place is also a anime location for another anime! For further information click here.
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