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Hot spring with

Did you know that Yufuin is the most famous city by hot spring in the Kyushu area? In the ranking of best hot spring in Japan, Yufuin is the number 2.

Map of Yufuin with place we will introduce

As you can see from the map, Yufuin is a hot spring city. It is a very famous hot spring city not only in Japan but also in the world. But it's one of the cities that's pretty well known for its art. There is the Yufuin Art Museum, and there is a cute and pretty village. How about visiting Yufuin to feel the atmosphere of Ghibli animation?

Sujiyu Onsen

It is a quiet village unknown to Japanese locals and is famous for Utaseyu, which raises hot spring water to a high place and makes it fall. Water fog rises from all over the village.

Sagiridai Observatory

One of the most popular landscape in Oita prefecture. Not only landscape for the town, please enjoy nature in here.

Yufuin Onsen

After enjoy hot spring(onsen), Japanese people usually drink coffee milk, and eat some onsen eggs!

Donguri no mori(Ghibli)

This is the place you can experience Ghibli anime in Yufuin!!
This is your chance to buy all the Ghibli animation goods you used to watch as a child!! The quality is good, so the evaluation is very good.


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These are other very good place or useful stuf that you can go or use in Yufuin!

Open time

Donguri no mori: Everyday 9:30~5:30
COMICO ART MUSEUM YUFUIN: Open: 9:30~5:30 Close: wednesday
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