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  • Cospa is a brand of clothing company in Japan. The most interesting things about Cospa is they are selling cosplay costume and anime character cloth! They are the biggest company that selling anime cloth!! Make sure to buy your waifu T-shirts!

  • You can try to use Gundam shield to be your backpack!!

  • Not only anime and games but also famous illustrator's art also selling as a T-shirt!

Exploring Anime Clothes!

In this page we will let you know about Cospa!
Cospa is selling many popular anime T-shirts as you can see from example below like Lycoris Recoil, Evangelion, and Hatsune Miku!!
Map of Cospa

What is Cospa?

Cospa not only selling clothes but also produce anime accessories, and cosplay goods. They give customer all high-quality products to anime and game fans for all over the world! Their mission is to connect the world between anime/game to the otaku fans like us! No need to hesitate go to Cospa and buy it now!

Cospa Around Japan

Cospa has 3 stores in Japan. One is in Narita Airport, which is easy access for those who just arrived Japan!!

Information About Cospa

Pop-up Stores Event!
Cospa not only selling anime clothes and goods but also holding an event! In this kind of event they will sell new drawn illustration goods that you will never saw it before!! So please check Animemaps event calendar to update it to your Anime travel schedule!
In different time, there will be different campaigns in Cospa! For example, on August 2023, there was Yugioh campaign. This campaign let you buy Yugioh goods for 5,000 yen or more, you can get special goods! It is limited!
Cospa have very interesting collaboration!! Normally, anime shop will have collaboration with anime company or illustrator but here, we have some collaboration that will surprise you!
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