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  • Don Quijote is often call as Donki! with it's ear-worm music that will stuck in your head! It is one of the popular shop in Japan! They selling every thing from Pen, Pan, and Even Anime Stuff!!

  • Don Quijote are really easy to recognize by yellow and black logo with cutie Penguin called Donpen! So Kawaii!

  • Not only Pen, Pan, Whey Protein, but there is also Cosplay Costume that you can buy at Don Quijote!!! Buy one for your girlfriend! haha!! BTW, where's my girlfriend.

Everything is here!

In this page, we will let you know about Donki!

Map of Major Don Quijote

What is Don Quijote?

Welcome to Don Quijote! Where you can find the treasure or garbage things in Japan! It is one of the biggest Japanese shop that has more than 160 stores around the world! For example, Hong Kong, Thailand, Hawaii, Malaysia, Taiwan, and off course, Japan!! The store tend to open until very late hours in Japan like morning to 3 or 5 am or even 24 hours!. At Donki, you can find currently trended fashion, anime goods, snack, unique souvenirs, and many things more!

Let's come to Don Quijote!

Don Quijote Around Japan

Don Quijote has a lot of stores in Japan except Kochi Prefecture!! You can find the store almost every prefecture you travel to!! We will introduce popular stores in this section!

Information About Don Quijote

Here are some interesting information about Don Quijote!
A Lot of Products!
One of the reason why Don Quijote is popular comes from the variety of products. The store is filled with souvenirs that tourists like to buy in Japan, like cosmetics, medicines, electronics, snacks, and branded goods. Products is always located right next to you from the entrance to the exit. You might feel that you're in the maze or jungle because there are way too much products that may be you will forgot where the exit is!! There are more than 40,000 items are waiting for you ! Come now!
Anime Collaborations!
Don Quijote frequently collaborates with many anime and manga!! They make limited and exclusive goodies with new designs!! For example, Spy Classroom and Don Quijote collaboration from July 29th, 2023!! The girls will appear in swimwear!! Peropero🫠
Unique Style!!
Don Quijote is good at guiding customers into its own Innate Domain or Reality marble... However, just as people have their own individualities, different Don Quijote stores also excel in different Jujutsu or Magecraft. For example, at Don Quijote Dotonbori store, there is a Ferris wheel that invites customers to a 15-minute aerial walk... The characteristics of Osaka, known for its entertainment, are illustrated in its abilities, isn't it?
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