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  • Gamers is the company that relative with almost every stuff of anime! You can enjoy shopping in the Gamers.

  • Gamers held many sale events! So most of gamers's customers use these special event well! Most of their sale is pretty higher than others!

  • In Gamers, there are many collaboration with other anime or game! For example, Gamers has collaboration store with Lovelive Hasu no Sora Girls' High School Idol Club in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture!! So you can get a special goods of these anime!

  • Even gamers don't have many store compared to animate, still it's really famous and symbol of anime store! LET'S VISIT TOGETHER.

Best place for buy anime goodies

In this page we will let you know gamers that is famous anime store in Japan. When you travel in Japan, you don't need to worry about wasting your time, because if you go to Gamers which collaborates with other anime, you can enjoy both!!

Map of Gamers

About Gamers

Gamers is Anime store of anime, manga, games, or related products. The main office is in Akihabara!

In the past, it focused on male-oriented products, and from 2014, it still deals with male-oriented products, but for now, Gamers is also focusing on women Otaku like Ensemble Stars collaboration store in 2nd floor of Gamers Akihabara!! So we recommend the gamers for women otaku too.

Compared to the company like Animate, the number of stores is small. but you can still enjoy it well.

Look around gamers's main store

Gamers is the place for otaku, so of course, the main store is located in Akihabara! Let's look around Gamers akihabara, main store together with us!

Some important notes:
1. Gamers akihabara is located near by akihabara station. Easy to access here!!
2. There are seven floor in the one building. It's too huge.

7th floor yo Kaho san We highly recommend you using elevator to go to 7th floor first, and go down side slowly. It's better to look around using elevator.

6th & 5th floor yo Kaho san

4th & 3rd floor yo Kaho san

2nd & 1st floor yo Kaho san

Information tips for using gamers

During the gamers shopping you have to know about !!

Some important notes
1.Gamers is one of the top 3 famous anime shop in Akihabara!!
2. closest anime shop from Radio kaikan is Gamers!!
3. There are point system in the gamers, if you buy many other stuff, you can get some points for discounts!!
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