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    Gundam is one of the biggest series of robot including scientific and political fiction that have fan-base from all over the world! If you like Sci-fi with cool robot we recommend you to give it a try!

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    There are more than 50 Gundam series releasing and plan to produce more and more! Gundam have different timeline and universe which many of them are connected to each others, and some of them are not connected at all. You may start to watch from any of the series you want!! No need to follow the order!! you can still able to enjoy the anime!

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    Come to enjoy the world of Gundam! It not only anime but you can enjoy Gundam through Manga, Light novel, and even a plastic model!

One of the most popular robot series

In this page we will introduce Gundam series! For people who didn't watch Gundam before, you can read this page to get the idea and give it a try! And for people who already know Gundam, let's come to see our favorite ranking!
There is no right or wrong ranking order this is just our opinion so please keep in mind about that and enjoy!

Gundam Seed

Finding the way of peace. How to end this war to make humanity unite again?

The dramatic story of war, love, and tragedy.
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This first Gundam TV series that produced in the 21st century!

This anime is not just about robot fighting each others (don't worry there is a lot of fight scene too!) You will get deeper into complex themes of war, love, and personal struggles. The characters aren't not just pilots without feeling. They're real people with doubts, fears, and dreams that you'll relate to it. Get into the story during C.E. (Cosmic Era) 71, humans are divided into 2 side and have a war! Which are the military organization ZAFT, and the United Earth Forces. Through this war, the anime will focus on our main character "Kira Yamato". His suffering life that he need to pass and growth with his childhood friend Aslan Zala. The reason why we choose Gundam Seed to our ranking is because it is focusing a lot about relationships. This topic is easy to relate and beginner friendly to watch! The theme of friendships and romantic love it is very emotional in the story, this relationship stuff is very effect to the war and how characters make decision.

Gundam Seed Destiny

The continuation tragedy of the day of "Valentine Blood". The story of love and betrayal is more on fire and wait for you to find out the solution

The Destiny That Everyone Choose Is The Right Path Or Not?
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From the last season, the war between ZAFT and Earth is more aggressive and no sign to stop the war at all. In the midst of the war, "Shin Asuka" our main character, because invasion of Orb by the Earth Allied Forces, he lost his parents and sister in front of his eyes in the flame of war! Omg this is just making me feel so sad! As Shin sad, he grab her sister's cell phone see her face, a Gundam, the mobile suit in this war that fly over his head. With his broken heart he always remember that Gundam with angriness and dedicate his life for a revenge! There is also many new characters for you to see their motivations and struggles more. The dynamics between old and new characters make the story more impact and emotion! Let's come to see can this war have solution of peace or not!?

Gundam 00

Futuristic world where the tower on earth is tall across the universe! The world where there is no oil anymore so, human have new source of energy!

I am Gundam, you are also Gundam!!
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Human now have new source of energy which is a large solar power system. The "Union," led by the United States of America. The "Alliance for Humanity and Innovation" led by China, Russia, and India. The AEU, centered on Europe. Each group continues to have a war to get the solar power to take the lead of the world. Even in the 24th century, the human race has yet to unite. Celestial Being, step onto the scene with one mission: to end conflicts of war political chaos and bring peace to a world. Our main character Setsuna F. Seiei, he fill with complex past and a high determination to change the world. Let's see how Celestial Being will save this complex of the war!

Gundam Unicorn

The main story takes place in UC 0096, sixteen years after the end of the One Year War, three years after the events of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack". This is one of the best series in Main UC universe that you should not miss it!

What is The Secret Inside Laplace's box?!

The story start with Banagher Links normal boy living in the space colonies like normal other boy, but one day his life changes when he meets a girl named Audrey Burne. This make he becoming the pilot of a new Gundam that has connections to an item that is a potential dangerous weapon to the Federation's existence called "Laplace's Box!" What is Laplace's Box? What secret does the Box contain? You can find the answer of this hundred-year curse of the Universal Century by yourself!

Gundam Age

The story of Gundam AGE is separated into four arcs, with the first three focusing on a different protagonist, and end with "Three Generations" arc.

Alien VS Gundam is Heating Battle Right Here!

Hundred years ago human immigrate to live in space and begin the new space life there! After the war between earth and space is in the peace that everyone expected is yet not come. Suddenly one of the space colony got attack my Unknow enemy (Alien?!) and collpase. 7 years later Flit Asuno, a 7-year-old boy living there, loses his mother in the fighting. At the time of his mother's death, he is found the AGE Device, a memory unit that has been sended in his family for generations. It contains the blueprints for the Gundam, an ancient mobile suit that was once called the savior of the world. Fritz continue his mother's wishes and decides to create the "Gundam!!" This is the war that last long of 3 generation of human! Let's see how Asuno generation will save the humanity!
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