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In this page we will let you know about How to selling your Doujinshi in Japan!

People from oversea can spread their Doujinshi to their own country, but subculture's world meca is Japan so, we recommend to targeting to Japan first.

Things you have to Know Before Selling

Doujinshi has a copyright. This is the most important point for Doujinshi seller. You can draw a some anime's doujinshi but, you have to be careful because some of then are not allowing us to sell Doujinshi...Before selling Doujinshi, please check the anime official website, or community!!

When you try to make a 18 plus Doujinshi, you have to check the official because it can develop to quite sensitive problem like Umasumume...

Sell Doujinshi by internet

You can sell Doujinshi by using BIG Doujinshi selling anime shop. For example Melonbooks and Toranoana!! This two anime store is best for starter.

Especially if you are selling doujinshi targeted towards males, Melonbooks is recommended, and for those targeted towards females, Toranoana is recommended!

Go to Official website of these two anime store, and check about detail information.

Sell Doujinshi by Anime event

Besides online sales, there are also sales opportunities at events like Comic Market or Comitia!! Some events allows to sell Doujinshi only for the event!! Therefore, even doujinshi that cannot be sold through shops may find sales opportunities at events!!We don't recommend this way for Bocchi-chan because there are many opportunities to interact with participants.

In Japan, the most common way to sell Doujinshi is through anime events. We recommend this approach for extroverted sellers, as it involves interacting with many people during the event, which may be tiring for introverted individuals.

Depending on your works, there are events that exclusively focus on specific anime. For example, there is "Utahime Teien," which exclusively features Doujinshi related to the Idolm@ster series, and "Kessoku Rock," an event dedicated to Bocchi the Rock. If there's an Only Event for a series you love, why not consider participating?

Recommended Doujinshi event

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