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Let's sell your masterpiece to otaku!

In this page we will let you know about How to selling your Doujinshi!

Many otaku who have interested in drawing usually want to share their drawing, but if they suddenly try to spread it to other, they don't know about anything.

Especially foreigner can spread their Doujinshi to their own country, but subculture's world meca is the Japan, so its better to targeting to the Japan first.

Think about you are extroverted person or introverted person, and then you can choose the best way of we introduced to you.

Precautions to Know Before Selling Doujinshi

Doujinshi has a copyright. This is the most important point of Doujinshi seller. You can draw a some anime's doujinshi without anime permission, but if you try to sell it, you need to consider about copyright.

How we can consider about copyright? Actually every piece of anime work regarded their anime's copyright differently. Some piece of anime like Touhou project permits almost every Doujinshi. This is the one of the biggest reason that Touhou projiect developed very well, but some of piece of anime work manage their anime really strictly.

So we want to announce to you guys, depend on the anime works. So please check the anime official website, or community, and check the information of permission, and don't forget about put the short sentence like ' This is xxx anime's Doujinshi'

If you attend Japanese anime event and earn a lot of money over 200000 japanese yen, you have to think about pay the tax, but if you are starter of making Doujinshi, you don't need to think about too much.

When you try to make a 18 plus Doujinshi, you have to search about that anime writer's opinion to Doujinshi more, because it can develop to quite sensitive problem.

Most important points!

Sell Doujinshi by internet

You can sell Doujinshi by using BIG Doujinshi selling anime shop. For example Melon books and Toranoana. This two anime store is best for starter.

Before selling your Doujinshi, They will check your Doujinshi's quailty, copyright....... After finish it, you can decide how many Doujinshi you made and sell to anime store. Decide it by your prediction that how many Doujinshi can sold by someone.

Go to Official website of these two anime store, and check about detail information.

Sell Doujinshi by Anime event

In Japan, the most common way to sell Doujinshi is through anime events. We recommend this approach for extroverted sellers, as it involves interacting with many people during the event, which may be tiring for introverted individuals.

1. Comic Market
2. Other small anime events

Think about these two cases.

1. Challenging the Comic Market as a first-timer is a good idea. Since Comic Market is the biggest Doujinshi event, there are many participants, providing more opportunities to sell your Doujinshi. However, securing a space at Comic Market is determined by a lottery, so even if you are well-prepared, there is a chance of not being selected as a seller.

2. Attending other small anime events can offer a good chance to enhance your Doujinshi selling abilities, and there is no lottery involved. However, the lower number of participants may mean fewer chance to sell your Doujinshi.

Recommended Doujinshi event

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