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  • Lashinbang is the anime store that is mainly sell secondhand anime stuff! You can sell the stuff you don't need here. Of course you can buy the new stuff too.

  • Secondhand Doujin is one of the main stuff in lashinbang! Normally foreginer tourist thinking about anime doujin can buy in the comic market like a massive otaku event, but if you visit lashinbang, you can buy anytime!

  • As we told you first, lashinbang is mainly selling secondhand stuff!! Many people feel stress when they buy and sell by private exchange, but if you use lashinbang, you don't need to think about it anymore!!

  • Lashinbang, is spread to the whole of the japan area, but it is not very famous yet, so that's mean you can figure out your treasure Let's visit lashinbang!

Biggest anime goods store!!!

In this page we will let you know the lashinbang! We hope you know about lashinbang more than before, after you saw our writing.

Maps of lashinbang

Introduction of Lashinbang

The meaning of 'Lashinbang' is compass in Japanese. They want to sell good products by becoming a 'compass' of Japanese anime lovers. In particular, they mainly sell used goods unlike other stores. You can buy or sell things you don't need! As you know, looking around the old game and anime stuff is really interesting, because you can feel the history and if you are lucky, you can get the rare item by really cheap price. That's why many people go to secondhand store, but lashinbang is still not very famous than other anime store. That's mean you have a high possibility to get a good item than other place.

Look around Lashinbang akihabara

Lashinbang store has over 40 stores in Japan. In this page, we will introduce Lashinbang Akihabara because Akihabara is the most famous place for tourist. Also, manager of Lashinbang know about this, so they care of Lashinbang Akihabara more than other store.

Some important notes:

1. There are two floors in the Lashinbang Akihabara!
2. Lashinbang has many Kanto area's store. Visiting other store is also nice.
3. Lashinbang Ikebukuro is also very nice place especially for women otaku. If you are men, we recommend Akihabara.

1st floor × 2nd floor There are two floor in the lashinbang akihabara!

Important tips of Lashinbang

In this part, we will introduce the important tip about lashinbang!!

Some important notes:
1. If you use lashinbang to order something, normally it cost about 550 yen! But it can be differ by the stuff that you buy. It's decided by the size and weight of the stuff.

2. We recommend to buy stuff at the offline stuff! Remember that buying the secondhand anime stuff by the online website can be danger because of the possibility to get a bad condition stuff. Normal anime otaku in japan, usually see the products by their own eyes first, and buy it.

3. Lashinbang have special event with new anime or voice actor, so you can enjoy well in the offline more!!

What kind of event you can enjoy

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