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  • Mandarake is one of the world's biggest anime store where here they selling second hand anime goods! Customer from overseas all enjoy coming here to enjoy buying there favorite anime goods!

  • Cheaper price of anime goods is selling here! It is about 10-20% cheaper than usual price make everyone love to shopping here!

  • You can find a lot of goods here such as Manga, Blu-rays, Figures, Cosplay Costumes, Trading Cards, Artwork, Doujinshi, and including Anime Rare Items!

Exploring Anime Store!

In this page we will let you know about Mandarake!

Map of Mandarake

What is Mandarake?

Mandarake is now known as one of the world's largest manga and anime stores. Customers from all over the world who enjoy Japanese manga and anime culture, which is getting more popular every year come to visit here! Mandarake target to let more people see Japanese sub-culture and enjoy them.

What you can buy in Mandarake is plenty of goods! For example, mangas, DVDs, CDs, collectible toys, video games, consoles, action figures, cosplay costumes and accessories, anime magazines, Idol-related products, vintage items, trading cards, dōjinshi, and of course, Tokusatsu!! The popular things about Mandarake is second-hand goods, but no worry most of them are selling in good quality!

Let's go to Mandarake!

Mandarake Around Japan

Mandarake has a lot of stores in Japan. We will introduce popular branches in this section!!

Information About Mandarake

Online Store Throughout Mandarake Online Store, you can find all the Japanese animation items you've ever dreamt of including doujinshi, manga, cels, toys, shitajiki, CDs, posters, art-books, hentai & yaoi items and so much more! They offer about overseas shipping available for over 80 countries! Enjoy your shopping!

Rare items! There are rare items, more familiar items, and even items that were unknown until recently. You better watch out of it! You may found the secret treasure in this store!

Cosplay Costume! Mandarake is known for having a lot of selection of cosplay costume and cosplay goods. This make it popular cosplayer and people who want to start to cosplay! You can find outfits from various anime, manga, video games, and others. Not only costume, Mandarake also sells many cosplay accessories, like wigs, props, weapons, hats, masks, and much more. This will make you look more like your favorite characters!

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