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  • One of the most popular anime shop in Japan! You can find your favorite anime goods here!!

  • There is many manga in Animate especially new manga release very often almost everyweek you can check it out here! Sometime they also give you special gift if you buy at Animate!

  • No surprise with the name "Animate" in the shop you can find almost every types of anime good you like to have! Like Anime DVDs and Blu-rays, Manga and Light Novels, Character Goods, Stationery, Artbooks, and etc!

Exploring Japan Pop Culture Store!

In this page we will let you know the most popular anime store "Animate" !

Map of Animate

What is Animate?

Animate is a well-known retail chain in Japan that specializes in anime, manga, and related goodies. It is a popular destination for fans of Japanese pop culture, offering a wide range of products including anime DVDs and Blu-rays, manga volumes, character goods, apparel, accessories, stationery, artbooks, CDs, and more.

Animate stores are known for their extensive selection of goodies from various anime and manga series, both mainstream and niche. They often feature exclusive items and limited-edition releases, making them a go-to destination for collectors and fans. Additionally, Animate frequently collaborates with anime and manga franchises to create special goods and events!

Animate Around Japan

Animate has numerous stores throughout Japan, primarily located in major cities and popular shopping districts you can found it in every Prefecture!

Event and Collaboration

Animate is known for hosting events and collaborations related to anime and manga. These events and collaborations offer unique experiences and exclusive goodies for fans! These events and collaborations enhance the overall anime and manga fan experience, providing opportunities for fans to interact with voice actors, obtain exclusive goodies, and engage with their favorite anime in unique ways!

Pop-up Stores Animate collaborates with anime and manga series to set up pop-up stores, creating a dedicated space to showcase and sell goodies related to a particular series. These stores often have unique displays and offer exclusive goodies!

Cafe Collaborations Animate collaborates with cafes to create themed menu items and based on popular anime and manga series. Fans can enjoy food and drinks inspired by their favorite characters while immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the series.

Talk Shows and Stage Events Animate organizes talk shows and stage events where fans can engage with voice actors, manga artists, and other guests. These events may include interviews, live performances, Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes discussions.

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