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  • In Japan most useful transportation is train. You can go wherever you want by just using train. Train page However, especially in country side, you might need to use bus as well. Compare to train bus is more harder to use and bus delay very easily. So if you have to use bus or taxi because there is no train, we recommend you to use taxi. Well taxi in Japan is expensive so if you want save money, Let's try to use bus!

  • Bus is second useful transportation in Japan. (1st is Train) It is cheap and brings you to pretty much all the place in Japan. So if you know how to use bus and train in Japan. There is no problem going anywhere! Of cource taxi is the easies but we should save money to buy anime stuff!

  • Most expensive and most easiest transportation in Japan. However, the driver never speaks english so good luck with that lol. Learn Japanese Just raise your hand and catch the taxi. And the tell the driver where you want go. That's it. Very easy right.

  • Japan is samll island country. Although there is many samll beatiful island around Main island of Japan like Okinawa! If you want go there you need to use airplane. Yes you can use ferry but if you want save money and time, just use airplane!

Taxi & Airplane

In Japan, as I mention before, train is most useful transportation. However, bus is also can be very useful especially in country side. Train will brings you basically all the place in Japan but in country side, still there is no trains. In that case you need to use bus. Of course taxi is better than bus because it is more comfortable and easier but it will cost a lot more. To save money you will need to use bus in country side. For the airplane, you should use if you want to go to some small island far from main island of Japan like Okinawa. Plus, if you are lucky you might can see with some anime printing!

Let's get on bus

Actually bus is quite complicated to use compare to other transportations. Although especially in country side you can not avoid using bus because there is no trains. Of course you can use taxi instead of using bus but it will cost a lot more! We need to save money to get some anime stuff! But if you know how to use bus and trains in Japan, you can go anywhere in Japan so let's study together!

First let's get IC card! You can get it at train station but you can use it anywhere. Like bus train, taxi etc... Also the design of IC card is little different from each prefecture like images below. But you can use it anywhere. Forexample, if you get IC card from Tokyo, you can use it in Osaka as well. The way to get IC card, I already teach in this page. Please look at it! Look page
First, find bus station. Bus station will looks like images below. Some of the bus stops are very beautiful. And the second image is the time table. All the station has time table at the but station. The bus will basically come on time. Some times they delay but not super delay only like couple minutes.
Look at the time travel images above. All the bus stops time tabel will looks like this. ① is showing the time schedules of weekday. ②is weekend. If you checking the time tabele make sure you are looking at right date. Almost all the bus stops has different time schedules between weekday and weekends! ③ is showing the final distinations and major bus stops which bus going to stop. But almost all the bus stops only written in Japanese so use google translte! ④ is showing the time of the bus. If its says "8 01 11" that measn bus will stop at 8:01 & 8:11. Aslo they are using 24 hr time. So for instance 2:00 pm will be 14:00.

Bus in Japan, there is 2 doors. Middle door is entrance and the front door is the exit!
Look at the images above. First images is what you can see when you enter the bus. If you have IC card, you just need to touch to the ②. If you do not have IC card you need to take paper from ①. On this paper showing the number. And the price will be shown on the fee board. Look at the second images above. It will show the number with price. The number you get from the paper will show the cost on the boared. The third page is what you will see when you exit the bus. ③ is for IC card. Touch again when you exit. However, at big city if you pay with IC card you pay when you enter. So you do not need to touch when you exit bus. So be careful with that! ④ is where you put coins to pay fee by cash. You need to put paper you get when you enter as well. If you do not have exact amount of cash you can put money in the ⑤. They will exchange the money for you.

Get on taxi!

Getting on taxi in Japan is very easy. Just raise your hand and tell the place where you want go to the taxi driver. Please be aware that the taxi driver cannot speak English!

Get on the Airplane

In Japan, you will have 2 choice. Shinkansen or airplane. The advantages of airplane is cheaper and also faster in most cases. (not all the time) Also if you wanted to go to some isalnd where you can not go by shinkansen like Okinawa you will need to use. But if you are in Japan tokyo, you pretty much do not need to use airpane. You can just use shinkansen to Osaka, Kyoto Hiroshima and other popular prefecture. But in most cases airplane is cheaper compare to Shinkansen so If you want save money you should use airplane!
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