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In this page we will let you know how can you enjoy cosplay in Anime event!!

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Important tips for cosplay

Before starting cosplay and photo shooting at events, there are some rules and manners that you should be aware of! Generally, many people cosplay as characters from anime or games when cosplaying. There's no problem enjoying it individually at home or in a studio. However, when it comes to participating in events, it's differs. Depending on your actions, it could have a negative impact not only on the character but also on the overall image of the work and the cosplayers. Therefore, let's make sure to learn the manners and rules here!

1. Check if Cosplay is Allowed!
First, check whether cosplay is allowed at the event!! This information is usually in the event's guidelines, so make sure to check it. If it's not mentioned, ask the event organizers!

2. Be Mindful of Social Media!
Social media can be a bit scary these days… As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's fire. If there's a spark, it can explode and go up in flames at any time. That's scary♡ If you use social media for self-promotion, be careful!!

3. Be Mindful of Exposure!
While there's generally no issue with costumes at home, be careful during events!! Additionally, cosplay events often have regulations regarding underwear and exposure, so be sure to check them!! If you accidentally reveal parts that shouldn't be seen, it might make people uncomfortable, and in the worst case, you might even get in trouble for public indecency...

4. Get Permission When Taking Photos!
Generally, when shooting cosplay, get permission from the cosplayer!! Otherwise, it could be considered unauthorized photography.

5. Change in Designated Areas!
Generally, at cosplay events, changing should be done in designated areas. Some events may even prohibit changing in areas not specifically designated for it!! So, make sure to change in designated areas!!

Comic market

Many people join this event with cosplay!! While Comic Market is the world's largest dōujinshi event, cosplay is also popular, ranging from high-quality costumes to those focused on funny themes (like Big Motor at C103). It can be said to be the most chaotic cosplay event!! For more details, check here!!

Below are some points to be aware of when participating in cosplay at Comic Market:
1. Frequency of Events
Comic Market is generally held twice a year, during Obon (mid-August) and year-end. Compared to events like Acosta, the frequency is quite low... If you're thinking of participating, the next event might be four months away, so be careful!!

2. Participation Method
Currently, Comic Market operates on a ticket and wristband system. To cosplay, you need either an early entry ticket for the changing room or a regular ticket or wristband with an additional cosplay registration fee. For details, check here.

3. Early Entry Ticket for Changing Rooms
The early entry ticket for changing rooms allows you to use the changing room earlier. However, even if you finish changing before the regular entry time, you cannot leave the hall with the changing room until the normal entry time. You can still take photos, so take your time and wait for the opening.

Nipponbashi street Festa

Massive cosplay event held in Nipponbashi Den Den Town, Otaku Road in Osaka! In 2019, more than 230,000 people participated in this cosplay event!! In 2024, it is scheduled for May, which is a slightly warm period, which is the best time for cosplay!!

Below are some important points when participating in Nipponbashi Street Festa. Some information is still unavailable... 1. Participation Method
If you plan to participate in Nipponbashi Street Festa with cosplay or as a photographer, you will need to purchase a wristband. In 2019, it was 2000 yen, and it is likely to be the same in 2024. For details, check the official website or here!!

2. Where to Purchase Wristbands
In 2019, wristbands required for event participation could be purchased not only at Animate, K-BOOKS, G-store, and Gamers but also at the Nipponbashi Information Center. It is expected that you will be able to purchase wristbands at these stores in 2024 as well.

World cosplay summit

I'm gonna meet someone stronger than me... The World Cosplay Summit is a three-day event held around Oasis 21, parading through the streets of Nagoya, featuring a championship to determine the world's best cosplay performance. It's truly the world's biggest cosplay event!

Here are some important points: 1. Regarding Cosplay Participation!
When participating in cosplay, if you don't need to change, you'll need a cosplay participation ticket, and if you need to change, you'll need a cosplay changing room ticket. There are various types of cosplay changing room tickets, so you can choose the one that suits you! For details, check here.

2. About Changing Clothes!
Please change in a changing room or at your hotel. Changing clothes in public toilets or other places is inconvenient for others, so do not!!

3. Photography Participation!
If you participate as a photographer, you'll need a camera participation ticket. A two-day pass is bit cheaper. For details, check here.

4. Be Mindful of Exposure!
WCS, the World Cosplay Summit, is an event that is especially viewed by many people. As mentioned above, to avoid creating a negative image of cosplay, refrain from excessive exposure!

Check official website here!!
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