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  • Japan's representative tourist city, which was also famous as a honeymoon destination in the past. It is characterized by a mild climate.

  • It is said that Oomi Shrine, which stands on a pillar-shaped rock overlooking the ocean, was once called Amaterasu Imperial Palace, and that Amaterasu Omi-gami was enshrined by Amaterasu Kikitsune, the founder of the Imperial family, and prayed for peace.It is also said that during Emperor Jinmu's expedition to the East, the Emperor visited our shrine and prayed for the safety of the voyage with his good luck.

  • The 50-meter-long, columnar joint cliff, washed out by the Pacific waves, is like a masterpiece. It has been designated as a national natural monument as the columnar joint of Cape Hyuga.

  • Hyuga, If you want to enjoy a peaceful trip, you should come to Hyuga.

Nature with

It is Japan's representative tourist area surrounded by warm climate and beautiful nature, and I go on vacation here a lot. Until the 1970s, it was the most popular place for honeymoon in Japan. And it's where the shrine that is the background of the Kankore exists. These three photos are famous regional product in Hyuga, Let's try it!

Map of Hyuga with place we will introduce

Since it is a city located near the beach, there are many opportunities to see beautiful scenery. Therefore, I think it was loved as a honeymoon destination. Since the city's transportation is mainly done by buses, we recommend using unlimited bus tickets for foreigners as introduced on the Miyazaki City page.

Tsuno shrine

It is a shrine that exists to pray for a battleship named Hyuga when Japan was at war in the past. The Japanese shrine honoring the battleship is called the 'Kanai Shrine,' and the same goes for the shrine here. Eventually, it became a sacred place visited by people who liked the battleship Hyuga of kankore. To be exact, the location is not Hyuga City, but the travel time is less than 30 minutes from Hyuga City, and many otaku who visit Hyuga City often visit for this shrine.

Monument to the Birthplace of the Japanese Navy

There is one more place that for Otaku, who likes Kankore. This is where the navy was first established when Japan had the navy(Of course no navy anymore in Japan). I recommend to otaku who like kankore because they are often interested in the history of World War II and the Pacific War.

Cape Hyuga

It is a place where the satisfaction doubles when you visit with a couple or family. You can have a good time looking at the vast Pacific Ocean.
Not only is the scenery beautiful, but the installations for viewing the scenery are well constructed. Standing on a glass floor in particular, it seems very popular to watch underfoot.

Hyuga Stupa

The Hyuga Stupa stands at the top of Kushinoyama Park, 94 meters above sea level, north of Okuragahama, on the right bank of the mouth of the Shiomi River.You can also enjoy cherry blossoms in spring.From here, you can see the city of Hyuga clearly, making it a good option for people who love the scenery.


I will introduce simple information more in this part!

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