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  • Iwate Prefecture has recently becoming famous anime location (or place) for famous anime like Haikyu!! and Saki!

  • ©「ハイキュー‼」製作委員会 ©古舘春一/集英社
    Haikyu's spot is the famous for located on the Miyagi prefecture, Sendai city, but Iwate also have Haikyu's anime spot!!!

  • ©小林 立/スクウェアエニックス・清澄高校麻雀部
    Do you guys know about Saki's one of the high school is based on Iwate prefecture's high school, so many other anime spot is in the Iwate too!!

  • Iwate is famous for its nature, Iwate prefecure try to make a tour spot more and do the best for high quaily place! Enjoy anime of Iwate, nature!

Best place for many kinds of noodle food

In this page we will let you know the place you should go in Iwate prefecture if you like anime.

Maps of Place I introduce in this Page

Anime Shops

There is ONLY ONE BIG Anime shops in Iwate Prefecture! This is near by one of the biggest station of Iwate, Morioka station! Of course you can find other small anime goods shop.


Do you know about Haikyu!!'s writer is born at Iwate? There is anime place near by writer borned.

Some important notes:
1. Haikyu!!' place in Iwate Prefecture is in rural area. There is no train in this spot normally. So be aware of you have to use bus or taxi in Iwate normally.

Iwate × Haikyu!! Iwate karumai high school, This is the place of Karasuno high school that main character' come from. Actually Haikyu!!'s writer's also graduate this high school. Let's feel the Haikyu!! in this anime spot.

Takesawa store

Karumai sports center


In Saki manga, Iwate is based back ground places!!

Some important notes:
1. This anime spot is suitable for take a walk with peaceful atmosphere, walk road is really nice in here.
2. Access is not very good. So be care about it first.

Iwate with Saki

Love hina

In this Hanamaki onsen town is the based place of love hina anime!! As a normal onsen tour Hanamaki onsen is really recommend place.

Some important notes:
1. Hanamaki onsen is selected by the spot of the couple. Highly recommend come here with Girl friend or Boy friend. 2. The near park is famous natural park of the Iwate prefecture.

Iwate × Love hina Around Hanamaki City

Other Anime

Iwate is appeared in other manga also!!

Some important notes:
1. Nothing

Iwate × Other Anime Other Anime

Other Famous Places