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  • Miyazaki Prefecture has recently becoming famous anime location (or place) for famous anime like Oshi no Ko and Suzume!.

  • ©2022「すずめの戸締まり」製作委員会
    Miyazaki is an important place in the movie, Suzume, where Sota and Suzume met and story begins!! There's also slope that they met!!!

  • ©赤坂アカ×横槍メンゴ/集英社・【推しの子】製作委員会
    In Oshi no Ko, Miyazaki Prefecture is the place where Aqua and Ruby had a connection in a previous life, and when Ai and Goro met, the story began to move!!

  • Miyazaki is famous for its nature such as Takachiho, chicken and seafood dishes! Enjoy anime, nature and Japanese cuisine!

Best place for Mango and chicken

In this page we will let you know the place you should go in Miyazaki prefecture if you like anime.

Maps of Place I introduce in this Page

Anime Shops

There is 2 Anime shops in Miyazaki Prefecture! If you vist aomori, you should go!


In Suzume, Miyazaki is place where Suzume is living and meet Souta, who closes the door to prevent the earthquake!!

Some important notes:
1. Suzume place in Miyazaki Prefecture is in rural area. we recommend to use a car if you can.

Miyazaki ×Suzume Place Roadside Station Nango

Slope where sota & Suzume met

Tsunomine Peak

Oshi no Ko

In Oshi no Ko, Miyazaki is important places where Aqua & Ruby was born and Goro is killed!!

Some important notes:
1. Oshi no Ko place in Miyazaki Prefecture is in rural area. so, it is better to use a car if you can.
2. Places where we're going to introduce is not animated yet.

Miyazaki with Oshi no Ko

Hanasaku Iroha

In the episode 14 and 15 of Hanasaku Iroha, they visit Miyazaki for school trip!!

Some important notes:
1. It is close to cityside.

Miyazaki × Hanasaku Iroha Around Miyazaki City

Other Anime

Miyazaki is appeared in other anime also!!

Some important notes:
1. Nothing

Miyazaki × Other Anime Other Anime

Other Famous Places