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  • It is a famous Japanese electronics store, but it is also a famous store for otaku as recommended by our Animemaps!

  • Sofmap Akihabara Amusement Hall have a lot of anime figures! Many otaku want to buy anime figure and plastic model try to visit here!!

  • Sofmap is different with other Japanese shop! Sofmap is highly recommend and announce their tax free system well to foreigners! Of course there are other system too. We will announce it downside.

  • Sofmap is the best place for otaku like electronics and anime stuff both! You can easily find Sofmap in tour place for foreigner, let's visit together. This wall papaer is really famous meme of the many Japanese who are interested in gravure idol.

Nice place for otaku game

In this page, we will let you know Sofmap that is famous for many otaku. Sofmap is a company that sells PCs, peripherals, cameras, home appliances, and hobbies, and although the size of the store is not large compared to Yodobashi camera. There are several themed stores in Akihabara and Denden Town in Osaka. If you have a interested on anime goodies, Sofmap can be a really nice choice, because their location is pretty nice to access for foreigner tourist.

Maps of Sofmap

Foreigner friendly system

Sofmap is really Foreigner friendly shop in the whole of the Japan's store relative with otaku stuff! Sofmap started tax free from 2014! For otaku, can buy the anime game and electronics in the one shop without the Tax. It's pretty amazing for foreigners.

Introduce 5 Sofmap in Akihabara

Sofmap Akihabara is the most famous shop in whole Sofmap in Japan! Especially the Akihabara's every Sofmap store has their own characteristics, so differ by other shop, you can enjoy every store well!

Some important notes:

1.Station Hall: Right next to the station!! You can buy Electronics and ask for repairing.
2.PC and Digital Hall: Comprehensive specialty store for PCs and digital products.
3.Amusement Hall: Sells new and second-hand video or PC games, anime CDs, Blu-rays, and anime figures.
4.Akiba U-Shop: Exclusively deals with second-hand digital devices. Provides services for all devices, and it's recommended for troubleshooting issues with secondhand digital devices.

1st and 2nd store

3rd and 4th store

When you buy limitied edition, what you can get ?

Sofmap is famous for limited anime stuff! It's better to go to offline store!

Some important notes:
1. The reason why we recommend using offline store is sofmap is foreigner friendly store, but still oversea delivery system is not fixed up well.
2. But the reason why many people still using Sofmap is the quality of special goods is really high.

The limited game and special goods

Other impormation information

Still there are more special information to you!!

Some important notes:
1. Actually other place of Sofmap is not very popular like Akihabara's four stores. If your travel is based on the Sofmap, you have to check the location first.
2. Open and close time is almost same with whole store in Japan.

Interesting point

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