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Enjoy doujin and marriage together!

In this page we will let you know popular anime store "Toranoana" !


What is Toranoana?

Toranoana is the company based on selling many anime stuff especially doujin. Usually, there is the image of these anime stuff shop's customer is men, but they are thinking about the women otaku customer too. They handles not only official manga and animation BD, but also various products such as doujinshi, adult-oriented magazines, games, and records.

They started from 1996, so there are so many history in Toranoana. Do you know about the 'Leaf' visual novel company that made white album series? Leaf's parent's company is owned by Toranoana from 2013. It shows you Toranoana has long history.

Toranoana! Let's come to Toranoana!

How you can use online store

Toranoana also doing online delivery service for customer. You can use it. But you should aware some points.

Toranoana is famous for its slow order confirmation and delivery. As soon as the order is confirmed, the money is withdrawn. It takes about three to five days for Toranoana to confirm the order, and then sends a notification email that it has taken the money on its own and sent the item. On top of that, while Melonbooks arrives in two to three days with fast delivery, it takes nearly three weeks for delivery in Japan in the worst case. Shipping costs in Japan are free of charge only when the purchase amount exceeds 11,000 yen.

The most important point is Toranoana is not deliver to oversea place directly. So you have to use other services for using it. Toranoana has partnered with and ACOS to encourage overseas customers to use these two company

Let's marry with otaku!

Toranoana started some special service that matching with opposite gender otaku. As we told you, Toranoana is focus on both gender, so they can try to be a couple and marry. In japanese, this service's name is called Torakon.

How great Torakon is As of 2020, among the 2,640 companies that joined Japan's Federation of Marriage Counselors, both the number of attendees and the number of sexual marriages showed growth in the top 10. As of February 2022, 700 couples had been married.

↑Otakon is also really popular! Many foreigners too!

How you can use Torakon The basic fare starts at 181,500 yen, including the initial cost and the monthly fee for the first month. Women can choose the 143,000 yen fare system. If you are recognized as an otaku during consultation, a 10% discount will be applied, and the artist who deals with Toranoana can receive a 20% discount if the conditions are met. The average age who get a partner is 35 years for men and 32 years for women.

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