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  • One of the most popular Doujinshi shop in Japan! You can find your favorite anime goods and Doujinshi here!!

  • There are many Doujinshi in Melonbooks! Find your favorite Anime or game and enjoy Doujinshi that have drawn by many famous artist!

  • Not only Doujin but Melonbooks also sell official Manga too! New Manga releasing almost every week! You may also get special goods with Manga limited in Melonbooks too!

Exploring Biggest Doujinshi Store!

In this page we will let you know the most popular doujinshi store "Melonbooks" !

Map of Melonbooks

What is Melonbooks?

Melonbooks is an anime shop that specializes in selling various media related to anime, manga, and adult (gentlemen) content, including books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and goodies. It is known for its extensive collection of doujinshi, which are self-published works created by fans that often feature popular characters from anime, manga, and video games. Melonbooks also operates an online store where customers can purchase items and have them shipped internationally.

Melonbooks! Let's go to Melonbooks!!

Melonbooks Around Japan

Melonbooks is well-known for its doujinshi and content for gentlemen, they also offer a variety of mainstream anime goodies for all ages and interests. Some of the notable locations include Ikebukuro and Nakano in Tokyo, as well as Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Nagoya.

Melonbooks in...

Others Interesting Information!

Melonbooks played a significant role in shaping and expanding doujinshi market in Japan. They actively support independent creators by providing a platform for them to showcase and sell their works. This has contributed to the growth and popularity of doujinshi culture in Japan. Let's see some information that you might need to know!

Doujinshi Focus

Melonbooks is particularly well-known for its extensive collection of doujinshi. These self-published works cover a broad range of topics and genres, often featuring popular characters from anime, manga, and video games. Doujinshi are an essential part of Japanese fan culture.

Online Stores

Melonbooks operates an online store where customers can browse and buy items from their inventory. The online store provides a convenient option for people who cannot visit the physical stores or prefer to shop online. Some items may be available for international shipping.

18+ (Gentlemen) Content

Melonbooks also has a significant focus on contents for gentlemen. For ladies, we recommend Toranoana because they are focused on BL more than things for gentlemen. (click or tap here for detail)
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