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  • Pokemon center is the best place for Pokemon lovers! Almost every Japan's area have a Pokemon center, so you can access easily.

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    Pokemon center is the place that originated of Pokemon game from 1997, it has a really long history! Game, Anime Pokemon center is the really important place of Pokemon world! That's why pokemon center connect to be a symbol of the whole series!

  • ©2023 Pokémon.
    Pokemon center is the Pokemon goods shop, but according to the located place, what they sell differs! Let's check it and enjoy the atmosphere!

  • Look around Japan's Pokemon center mean's travel the whole Japan, the power of pokemon is so big in the world!

Best place for everyone

Pokemon center BGM

In this page we will let you know every Pokemon center in whole Japan area. Pokemon center is the place that sell some important item in the game, but here they sell some every official goods in the real.

Maps Pokemon Center

What is Pokemon Center??

Pokemon Center is an official Pokemon goods stores that sell original Pokemon goods!! They sell limited Pokemon goods by season and place where Pokemon Center locates!! There’re also campaigns and services like birthday campaigns, Pokemon cards workshops, and more!!

Hokkaido, Tohoku

There are 2 Pokemon center in Hokkaido and Tohoku area! Located on Sapporo and Sendai city.


The most populated area of Japan! 6 Pokemon centers are located on Kanto area!

Photo and Location
Mega Tokyo and Tokyo DX

Tokyo bay, Yokohama

Sky Tree Town, Shibuya


The middle area of Japan! Easy to assess from Osaka and Tokyo both!

Photo and Location


West Japan!! If you really like Japanese culture and Pokemon, we recommend to go Pokemon Center in Kinki area!!

Photo and Location

Chugoku, Kyushu, Okinawa

West Japan's is pretty nice to visit for East asia and Southeast asia's tourist !!

Photo and Location

Other information

Simple Q&A about Pokemon center!!

1. What is the meaning of the DX in the name of Pokemon center?
- DX means The Pokemon center placed near by Pokemon cafe. We highly recommend to visit Pokemon cafe. Pokemon cafe can be good rest place during the tour in Japan.

2. How many Pokemon place in the Japan?
- As of February 2024, there are 16 Pokemon centers and 6 Pokemon stores in Japan.

3.What is the Pokemon store?
-Pokemon Store is a Pokemon specialty store that is little smaller than Pokemon Center.

4. Is there any other Pokemon center?
- There is Pokemon center Singapore and Taipei!!

5. Can I buy goods in internet?
- Nowadays there is "Pokemon center online" that you can buy stuff easily, but it's better to visit local Pokemon center to get special goods.

6. Is there special Pokemon at every Pokemon center?
- All branches of the Pokemon Center have Pokemon in their logos, with special Pokemon like Rayquaza in Skytree Town, Mew in Tokyo DX, Mewtwo in Shibuya, and Victini in Tohoku!!
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