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This page introduces doujinshi! Many otaku find that anime alone is not enough, especially when they want to explore alternative outcomes or scenarios that official games and manga may not provide. To satisfy this desire, they often purchase doujinshi, which are independently created manga or novels.

Moreover, not all otaku are solely focused on anime. Some enthusiasts specialize in other areas such as trains, history, shrines, and temples, creating fantastic works in their respective genres.

What is Doujinshi?

Are you familiar with doujinshi? Many doujin-related works are not official manga or anime, but they are incredibly interesting and popular! One game, in particular, became more famous through doujinshi than its original work. That work is the legendary "Touhou Project" series in the world of doujinshi culture! It's not an exaggeration to say that they played a significant role in spreading doujin culture.

While many people consider doujinshi to be unofficial and unrelated to the original anime or manga, some creators officially incorporate the concept of doujinshi. This highlights the power of doujinshi in Japan's otaku culture.

It's a common misconception, but not all doujinshi are related to anime or manga. There are circles that create and sell works related to history, self-made origami, hina dolls, and more! Doujinshi comes in various types, making it truly fascinating!

Many Doujinshi!

Best way to buy

The best way to buy doujinshi is by participating in offline events or visiting physical stores, where one can enjoy the added pleasure of communicating with members of doujin circles when purchasing doujinshi at events. One of the best places for this is Comic Market, where you can explore the latest doujinshi.

When buying from physical stores, the following shops are highly recommended!

The first is Melonbooks. Melonbooks is the largest doujinshi sales store! It has a presence nationwide, and many doujinshi are exclusively sold through Melonbooks! Online purchases are also available.

The second recommendation is Toranoana. Toranoana is so dedicated to doujinshi that they create their own Toranoana doujinshi using original characters. They particularly focus on doujinshi for women! While their physical stores are only in Ikebukuro, online purchases are possible!

Well-Known Doujin Circles

In Japan, there are various doujin circles, some operated by individuals and others by groups! Why not try creating your own doujin circle? Here's a compiled list of some famous doujin circles below!

Populer circle

Recommended events

Here we introduce recommended events for those who want to purchase doujinshi!Let’s Gooooo!

Check here if you want to sell doujinshi

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