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  • Doujinshi is a magazine made by individuals! If you like some anime or manga a lot, you can enjoy Doujinshi more!

  • When it comes to doujinshi, you can't miss Comic Market!! some famous circles attract people more than line in this photo!! By the way, a doujin circle is a gathering of people with common hobbies who come together to create their own works!!

  • While many people think that doujinshi can only be purchased at events like Comic Market or Comitia, in reality, it's much easier to get it!! You can easily buy them through online shops of Melonbooks and Toranoana!!

Best for Otaku!

On this page, we'll introduce you what is doujinshi!

Wealth, fame, power. Though the world had it all won by one man,there are things that the man cannot obtain... and that is imagination!! What if Fuutarou chose a different quintuplet in The Quintessential Quintuplets? What if Suzaku and Lelouch had realized each other's identities from the beginning? Because these if stories cannot be seen in official works, individuals (Circles) create stories, novels, manga, beautiful illustration collections, and a wide range of expressions in doujinshi!!

What's even more interesting is that such creative activities are not limited to anime and manga!! Doujinshi cover wide range of topics, including railways, history, shrines, and temples!!

What is Doujinshi?

Doujinshi, or fan-made magazines, refer to self-published magazines created by individuals or groups who share an interest in a particular work or theme. This allows for the creation of innovative and interesting works that might be challenging for companies. Doujinshi covers a wide range of genres, not limited to anime and manga but also including history, religion, philosophy, and more, showcasing their diversity.

Recently, popular doujinshi can be easily purchased through events and online shopping. Popular doujin works sometimes evolve into anime or other media. For example, Touhou Project, the Fate series, Higurashi When They Cry, and more. Recently, some works originated in Doujinshi like Onimai: I'm Now Your Sister! and 16bit Sensation Another Layer got anime adaptations.

Many Doujinshi!

Best way to buy Doujinshi

When it comes to methods for purchasing doujinshi, there are generally three main ways: offline events like Comic Market or Comitia, where you physically buy doujinshi, purchasing through stores like Melonbooks, and online shopping.

If you're at events, you can buy doujinshi at a significantly lower price compared to stores like Melonbooks. Another advantage is that you might have chance to meet artists of doujinshi and have conversations with them!! Our recommendation!!

Physical stores
If you can't join events due to work or other reasons, don't worry. Stores like Melonbooks and Toranoana offers doujinshi!! Although the prices are higher than the event prices, there are benefits such as not having long time walking.

Online stores
Melonbooks and Toranoana offer online shopping, and they often provide convenient promotions such as free shipping for orders over a certain amount. Additionally, some artists sell doujinshi and goodies sets on platforms like Booth, so purchasing from there is also an option.

When buying from physical stores, the following shops are highly recommended.

Well-Known Doujin Circles

In Japan, there are various doujin circles, some operated by individuals or others by groups! Why don't you create your own doujin circle? Here's a list of some famous doujin circles below!

Populer circle

Recommended events

Here we introduce recommended events for those who want to purchase doujinshi!!

One important point to note is that among the four events introduced below, Comitia has a unique characteristic! While Comic Market, Comic Treasure, and Comic City accept various works of fan fictions, Comitia is different. It only allows original works!!

Check here if you want to sell doujinshi

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